Girls Who Code club inspiring the next generation of women in IT

The Girls Who Code club, a two-hour weekly meeting that occurs every Tuesday on FIU’s MMC TechStation. The program started during the Fall 2016 semester and now offers the second club this spring to middle school students.

Mario Eraso PortraitThe objective is to teach the girls coding, robotics, web and app development, and computational thinking such as abstraction, algorithms, and binary systems while also helping develop communication and teamwork skills in a safe and comfortable environment where the girls feel like they can be themselves.

“Based on teaching best practices, this course is about more than just teaching the girls to code, the STEM/internships coordinator at the School of Computing and Information Sciences. “It is about allowing them to build the necessary soft skills as well as the deep relationships that may further inspire them to pursue a career in computer science.”

~ Mario Eraso.

Mario Eraso helps coordinates the Girls Who Code Summer Immersive Program. This program is a seven-week program for 20 junior and senior high school girls. FIU will host its fourth summer intensive this year.

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