Got my first job! Working at Microsoft as a program manager

Got my first job! Working at Microsoft as a program manager

Name: Carolina Uribe-Gosselin

Hometown: Miami, FL

Degree/major: Bachelor’s in computer science and a minor in psychology

Where are you working? Title? Microsoft, program manager

How did you get your job? Through UPE’s ShellHacks, I met a Microsoft recruiter and expressed my interest to join Microsoft. I eagerly shared with him what motivates me, my experiences, how I resonate with the company’s sustainability efforts and their mission. He was incredibly supportive and set me up with my first round of interviews.

I was thrilled for the opportunity and spent my time outside of work and classes preparing for the interviews. Although I didn’t make it to the final round, I was still proud of myself for getting the chance to interview at a company I admire so much and ultimately it was a tremendous learning experience.

The following year at ShellHacks, I went back to the same recruiter and told him how much I developed over the year and he scheduled another interview for me. This time, I made it to the final round and received an internship offer! Upon completion of the internship, I received a full-time offer to join the Developer Tools Program Management, Design and Research team at Microsoft.

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