KFSCIS Students Pitch Transformational Cooking App at eMerge Americas, Get ready to cook!

Career development, Student Highlight

Pablo Rivera, the founder of Cheffy, talks to interested investors about the application.

“[Cheffy] is your personalized pantry guru, crafted for busy souls who crave simplicity in the Kitchen,” said the founder and CEO of Cheffy, Pablo Rivera. Pablo and his team of KFSCIS students Daniel Lawrence, Evelyn Cao, and Giuliana Russi, pitched their new cooking app at eMerge Americas this spring, capturing the hearts and taste buds of the audience. The pitch was part of a competition to connect innovators, investors, industry experts, and changemakers from around the world to propel future tech into development.

Cheffy is an innovative platform featuring an inventory system designed to capture and categorize food and ingredient information obtained through image recognition technology. Efforts are underway to create a business-oriented iteration, emphasizing robust inventory management capabilities, alongside a personal version tailored towards recipe management and social media integration. The application is powered by artificial intelligence that not only learns what your favorite cuisine is but also watches out for your health by noting pre-existing health conditions and allergies. The application can recognize and identify hundreds of different spices and ingredients to provide the user with the highest-quality, best-tasting recipes. The program uses computer vision to scan your pantry and recognize the ingredients on hand.

The team targeted the application to score potential partnerships with major area grocers, allowing users to seamlessly shop at their favorite grocery stores while being able to see what new dishes they can create based on what is already in their pantry as well as what has been added to their shopping cart.

Feedback from eMerge enabled the team to plan improvements and connect with potential investors—a win-win for everyone.

“Our best experience from the event,” stated Rivera “was being able to witness the positive reception this project had with the audience, as well as being able to gain the interest of Sedano’s (a local grocery chain) to assist in developing the app.”

With a little more work, the team hopes to have Cheffy in your app store soon.