SCIS student – Got my first job at Google!

Photo of Krista Shuckerow at Global Game Jams 2018 at FIU

Krista Shuckerow, B.S in Statistics, second major – Economics; minor in Computer Science has accepted her first job at Google.

As a sophomore, I went to my first hackathon, MangoHacks, at FIU in spring of 2016.  I walked in, joined a team, built a project and demoed how it worked at the end to a number of judges. One of them was an FIU alumnus who works at Google. He was impressed with our project and gave me, and all the other people on my team, his work email. At this point, I was like – ‘wow programming is great. I want to do this all the time.’

Source: Got my first job! Working for Google