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Mangohacks is a 36 hour hackathon that encourages learning, collaboration, growth, innovation, and fun. We will welcome 500+ students from Florida and across the country, amazing mentors, and wonderful sponsors to create amazing things. MangoHacks is organized by students for students, with the strong belief that anyone can hack.

What is 

MangoHacks is a chance to meet new people, learn cool things, build something new, dream big, and have fun.

Everyone is welcomed – from the most experienced hackers and builders to the thinkers and the curious who have never heard of a hackathon. Regardless of your experience, there is something for you at MangoHacks.

We’d love for you to come learn something new, take the things you love (sports, art, traveling, dogs!) or care about (poverty, sea level rise, hunger) and combine them with technology to make something different, something cool, or something to improve the world.

It’ll be sweet. We promise.

Can I… ?

Mentor: We love our mentors! Signup to mentor at MangoHacks!🚀

Teach a workshop: Teach with us and show others your unique skills at MangoHacks 🙅🏻‍♂️!

Volunteer: Join us and be part of Florida’s Sweetest organizing team! 🎉🥭

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