Microsoft’s College Code Competition (MSFT3C)

MSFT3C is a free coding competition sponsored and run by Microsoft exclusively for college students. Students come with a team of 3-4 or create their own at the event, the teams will be given an easy, medium and hard question. The team with the most points will win prizes and recognition.

MSFT3C brought in over 50+ students from all levels at FIU, students currently taking Programming I , as well as student who are soon to graduate. Events like this have helped students land Full time opportunities at Microsoft and have given students a better grasp at problem solving skills. The types of questions that where given at this event are typical interview questions that include high level problem solving skills and a good grasp on data structures. Microsoft recruiters also looked over the students resume’s and gave feedback to help students land internship opportunities at Microsoft.

Microsoft also provided students with some practice problems, learn more.

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