Professor Hadi Amini represents KFSCIS at World Happiness Fest 2023

Faculty Highlight, Research

Our CEC faculty at Florida International University recently shared their insights on how engineering and computer science can make our world a happier place at the World Happiness Fest.

Among them, our own representative from KFSCIS, Dr. Hadi Amini, shared his experience of ongoing projects at FIU solid lab on artificial intelligence and federated learning for healthcare, homeland security, water systems, cybersecurity, and transportation networks as well as how high quality research and education at FIU can help boost and fuel the transition of Miami towards a happy and smart city.

Dr. Amini also discussed how our novel distributed machine learning techniques, collaborative robotic systems, advanced infrastructure systems, and optimization techniques can contribute to the resilient and secure operation of interdependent critical infrastructures while preserving the privacy of residents who use these services. 

Let’s work towards a happy and smart city together!

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