Professor Research to Help Reduce Radiation in CT Scans

Professor Research to Help Reduce Radiation in CT Scans


Assistant Professor at Florida International University’s School of Computing and Information Sciences, Ruogu Fang is researching how to reduce radiation from these scans by using math and computer technology. In her research, she takes CT scan images acquired at normal radiation doses and introduces “noise” in a specific mathematical way to simulate what a scan would look like at a low radiation dose.

Noise, irregular grainy patterns caused by electronic interference and the patient’s own body, that appear in a scan and degrades the image quality which emits thermal motion. Fang’s goal is to show that using her original mathematical equation, high-quality images may still be obtained without exposing patients to significant amounts of radiation.

Ruogu Fang research spans data, brain, and health. Fang teaches courses at FIU’s School of Computing and Information Sciences such as “Machine Learning” and “Data Mining”. She also runs SMILE lab which also reflects for her expectation for every member in the lab to smile while exploring the human brain with big data.

Read more about Ruogu Fand research at FIU News


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