Recap: 2019 ACM Southeast USA Regional Programming Contest

On Saturday, November 9th, FIU was one of the four sites of the Southeast regional (SER) International Collegiate Programming Competition (ICPC). Twenty-one of the 122 teams that competed yesterday from across the southeast region (Florida, Georgia, S. Carolina, Alabama) came to our site. There were three other sites: Univ W Florida, Kennesaw State, and College of Charleston. Of the 122 teams that competed, 36 competed in Division 1 and 86 competed in Division 2.

The winners in Div 1 from the region were Georgia Tech (team #5), with 2 teams from UCF following. All 3 teams competed at our site. The winners in Div 2 from the region were Mercer University, College of Charleston and AU Nova. The winner in Div 2 from our site was from Miami-Dade College, some of whose students are joining FIU next year.

FIU’s teams moved from Div 2 to compete in Div 1 this year to try out the harder problems. They were placed 17, 19 and 25th.

Five teams from the southeast regions will compete in the North America Championships in Spring. FIU came sixth in this list (after Georgia Tech, UCF, Emory, UF, and FIT). It is important to point out that many top teams bring in high-quality theory graduate students with lots of competition experience to excel.

All the teams from outside were very pleased with our facilities and the event. The credit for the logistics for the event goes to Vitalii Stebliankin. I want to thank the 15 or so volunteers led by Gabriella Drummond. Also, thanks to the IT divisions of FIU and SCIS for the network and lab infrastructures that made this happen. Thanks also to Kip for help with planning and advice. This competition is one of the main events organized by the Academy for CS Education.

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