SCIS Student Shanna Sit internship experience at JPMorgan Chase

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Image of Shanna Sit, a computer science major, with one of her team members at her internship at JPMorgan Chase

Shanna is a current undergraduate student studying computer science and is also working toward obtaining a certificate in Japanese through FIU’s Asian Studies Program.

This past summer, she accepted the opportunity to intern at JPMorgan Chase as part of JPMC’s Software Engineering Program for interns.

My team and I enjoyed spending time programming and designing an application for the company in their beautiful office in Tampa, Florida.

– Shanna Sit
Image of Sit and her team at JPMorgan Chase in Tampa
Sit and her team at JPMorgan Chase in Tampa.

Shanna doesn’t remember the exact moment that led her to JPMC, but does believe the FIU hackathon event, ShellHacks, played a role in connecting her with the recruiters. Those same recruiters encouraged her to apply online.

Then, I took a coding assessment and eventually got an on-campus interview. Without Shellhacks, I’m certain the process would have been less smooth and longer.

What advice do you have for those beginning the internship process?

 Just try it! Apply to the companies you want to work for even if they are as competitive as Microsoft, Google or Facebook. By applying, you are putting yourself on their radar, which may lead to a potential interview. The worse that can happen is rejection. With a rejection, you still gain valuable experience that could lead to success the next time.

Furthermore, don’t forget to network with recruiters. Recruiters provide useful information about the company you are working for and can help speed up the process drastically if you network with them. Plus, most recruiters are friendly, fun people with valuable life experiences, so it doesn’t hurt to talk to them!

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