Come Join TechTogether Miami, One of the first large gender-focused hackathons in Florida!

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Written by: Mareline Ramirez

The first-ever TechTogether Miami Hackathon, led by 16 Panthers, is set to happen at Miami Dade College (MDC)! TechTogether Miami will be a 24-hour event, launching on May 5-6, 2023, and will take place in-person. The event is being held at MDC’s Wolfson campus in the BIT Center, and cross-promoted at Florida International University. The hackathon is open to students of underrepresented genders such as, cis women, transgender women, transgender men, non-binary individuals and other marginalized genders in the local Miami community.

In collaboration with Major League Hacking (MLH), Microsoft, Capital One, Balsamiq, and Miami Dade College BIT Center, TechTogether aims to provide networking opportunities with companies, empower students through mentorship and panel discussion, and offer educational workshops on fundamental technologies like computer science, cybersecurity, web development and more, in a format that’s easy to understand and accessible to all. Students will be able to earn prizes just for attending!

TechTogether Miami aims to increase the gender diversity of the emerging Florida tech community, while providing opportunities and resources for students of underrepresented genders. This organization is credited in part with increasing the gender diversity of the hackathon community by 18% to 39% from 2019 to 2020. TechTogether Miami like TechTogether’s other chapters will serve as a gateway for people of marginalized genders into MDC’S and FIU’s computer science programs and organizations like INIT.

TechTogether’s Miami current Director is Mareline Ramirez, and she hopes to promote diversity and inclusion in the Miami tech community. Hackathons are a great way to join a community to meet like-minded students from different backgrounds that wish to learn new technologies, share ideas, work together, and build an amazing project! Students might even get to build lifetime connections.

To register and learn more about the program, visit: Want to get involved with TechTogether Miami? Get involved by following their Instagram, @techtogethermiami, or to visit their website, But most importantly, you should definitely register for the upcoming hackathon.