Women can do what with computing? Students learn different ways computing is intertwined with everyday fields at Break Through Tech Miami’s Summer Guild Workshop

Twenty FIU students from diverse majors and backgrounds came together over a five-day workshop with one common interest: to explore how computing can be a career for them.

Break Through Tech Miami’s inaugural Summer Guild took place at FIU’s PG-6 Tech Station in August. The unique workshop connects and empowers underrepresented groups in computing such as women (cisgender and trans) and non-binary individuals to give them  first-hand insights into the endless possibilities of computing.

“The most long-lasting impact the guild can have is to help new students, particularly from underrepresented groups, form bonds at a time when having a support system can benefit them the most,” said Amy Bennett, Break Through Tech Miami’s director.

“Our hope is that with this newfound network, which includes mentorship from industry professionals, students gain the enduring confidence to explore tech education and careers by seeing how computing is universal and offers an endless set of pathways.”

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