AI for All is for Everybody

As graduating seniors at Florida International University (FIU), Charlie Ramirez and Sephora Jean-Mary headed into their final semester aiming to find a real-life business problem they could solve. Their senior design capstone project was supposed to enable these two front-end developers to display what they’d already learned as computer science students. And they could easily have taken a road well-traveled: build a website and prepare for commencement.

Instead, they opted for 5 months of demanding on-the-job training in data science, a field in which they had no prior experience. Their FIU professor, Dr. Masoud Sadjadi, and Naz helped Charlie and Sephora team up with the MITRE Corporation’s Generation AI initiative, which is introducing students from all disciplines to AI and data science and to the role both will play in solving national challenges, such as restarting the U.S. economy.

Read more at Mitre.

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