Big Sisters/Little Sisters Mentorship Program

On Saturday, Sept. 8th, Maria ‘Cristy’ Charters and 26 of the girls that are generously being sponsored by School of Computing and Information Sciences (SCIS) to attend the Grace Hopper Conference in Houston this year. Attended a meeting at FIU’s Engineering Center, where they paired with a “little sister” from a middle or high school in Miami-Dade County. The FIU’s “big sisters” will mentor their little sisters for 3 months, on a weekly basis, following a specific curriculum learning schedule, but meeting virtually via Google Hangouts for creating web-based apps for digital art scenes. These virtual meetings will be to check up on the status of their mentees learning schedule, and provide encouragement, support, and help when needed.

When the 3 months are over, everyone will come together face-to-face again, in the CodeFest event on Sunday, Dec. 9th, where they will share the digital art scenes they have created using’s App Lab & JavaScript. We will reward all of them with a book on Grace Hopper, and give special prizes to the top 3 best app creators.

Approximately 60 mentees and 26+ mentors, our Grace Hopper scholarship recipients + other volunteers from WICS, for a total of 90 people!

Pizza and beverages were supported by Giri and the CS Academy.

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