Congratulations to Prof. Mark Finlayson on receiving an NEH grant

Congratulations to Prof. Mark Finlayson on receiving an NEH grant

A message from KFSCIS Director, Dr. Jason Liu:

National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) has just announced $28.1M for 204 Humanities Projects nationwide. It is a highly competitive program. I’m happy to announce that Mark Finalson is Co-PI of a new $150,000 grant from NEH. This grant, led by Prof. Rhona Trauvitch of the Department of English, and with other Co-PIs Maikel Alendy (FIU Online) and Prof. Rebecca Freidman (the Wolfsonian), is entitled “Science, Fiction, and Science Fiction: Building a Digital Library of Teaching Resources for Interdisciplinary Curricula.” It is a “three-year project for development and curricular integration of a digital library of interdisciplinary teaching materials exploring connections between science and fiction.”

Mark will coordinate activities between his KFSCIS Cognition, Narrative, and Culture (Cognac) Laboratory and the Wolfsonian’s Science & Fiction Lab, which “aims to propagate humanistic material and methods across the undergraduate curriculum by creating, storing, and disseminating ‘plug-and-play,’ portable course content (PCC).” He will also organize two cohorts of faculty fellows to engage in the project’s “Fi-Sci” institutes. Here is the web site of the FIU Science & Fiction Lab:


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