Dr. Saeed awarded prestigious $1 Million R01 grant from National Institute of Health

Photo of Professor Fahad SaeedCongrats to Dr. Fahad Saeed and his team for securing R01 grant which is the oldest and most competitive grant mechanisms at the National Institute of Health. The NIH has awarded approximately $1 Million for Dr. Fahad Saeed’s grant 1R01GM134384 entitled “Multimodal Machine-Learning and High Performance Computing Strategies for Big MS Proteomics Data“. Investigators include Fahad Saeed (Overall Principal Investigator PI SCIS FIU), Shu-Ching Chen (SCIS FIU Co-Investigator), Jason Liu (SCIS FIU Co-Investigator), Francisco Lima (Department of Chemistry FIU Co-Investigator), SS Iyengar (SCIS FIU Senior Personal), and Mark Knepper (NIH Senior Personal). 

The proposed research will investigate, design and develop novel machine-learning algorithms for high-dimensional mass spectrometry data from proteomics. Further, they will design and implement high-performance computing (HPC) solutions to achieve these outcomes more efficiently with a shorter computational time. This new line of investigation is significant since it has the potential to improve on long-stalled effort to increase accuracy, reliability and reproducibility of MS data analysis and search tools. 

The results will have an important positive impact immediately because these proposed research tasks will lay the groundwork to develop a new class of algorithms and will provide rapid, high-throughput, sensitive, and reproducible and reliable tools for MS based proteomics.