ACM Southeastern Regional Programming Competition – Fall 2019

Yesterday, the Academy of CS Education and the School of Computing and
Information Sciences hosted the ACM Southeastern Regional Programming
Competition. We had 17 teams competing on the FIU campus in PG 116. A
total of about 105 teams competed overall from four sites for the
southeastern region, of which 31 competed in Division I and 74 in
Division 2.

FIU posted two teams in Division 2. The teams ranked 2nd (FIU Gold)
and 16th (FIU Panthers) out of 74 in the Southeastern Region. Please
join me in congratulating the two 3-member teams. They made us proud. 

FIU Gold: Fatima Afzali, Alberto Cabello, and Andres Valdes (Rank 2nd)
FIU Panthers: Enrique Espinet, Eyslar Paz, Stephen Ballesteros (Rank 16th)

Please join me in congratulating the two teams. As you may know, over
the years the competition has become much more challenging than before
with a much stronger algorithmic component in the problems. The teams
had to solve 11 problems in 5 hours. The problem set is attached. 

This year, I had to be away on a family emergency. Kip Irvine emerged
out of retirement to help run the competition in my place. My special
thanks to him for his monumental support and for stepping in when it
was critically needed.

The event would not have been possible without the posse of
outstanding volunteers. My special thanks to Vitalii Steblyankin and
Kierstin Matsuda for doing an outstanding job of managing the band of
volunteers. Thanks also to Matheus Barros Pereira for helping to
manage the event. While I may not have a complete list of volunteers,
the following should be almost complete:

Alfredo Bayuelo
Erik Briones
Paola Castro
Mark Casulo
Grace Frawley
Mohammed Haseeb
Nickolas Jimenez
Jorge Lima
Bruno Pardo
Daniel Ruiz Perez
Musfiqur Sazal
Camilo Valdes
Mohammad Yasser

Thanks to the SCIS technical staff for outstanding help with setting
up the machines and the printers. Finally, we had help from the
competition Regional Director, Ryan Stansifer, his technical assistant,
Keith Johnson and the regional judge, David van Brackle.

Written by Giri Narasimhan, Professor.

Photo Gallery:

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