IT Software Project Showcase

Course Highlight, Faculty Highlight, Student Highlight

Professor Greg Reis worked directly with his students during his course, Component-Based Software Development – COP 4814, in development of applications. Applications using API requests, frameworks such as Flask and Django, programming languages such as Python and Java.

“It is a great opportunity for the students to get in contact with Python, web development and by being exposed to several APIs available, analyzing and processing big amounts of data.”

One of the highlights of this year projects is the FIU Castic Application, developed by Joshua Arteaga, Pablo Cuesta, Joseph Martinez, Sergio Nieves, and Michael Pena. This application simplifies the task of overseeing and managing networks. With this tool, users will have a central solution to find, track and identify network devices and store them in a database to refer to at a later time. It means to get three different data collectors to APIs to cache system information into one database that would be searchable to explore real-time asset information such as general physical data, operating system data, and network data.

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