SCIS student will intern at CERN

Photo of Alastair ParagasAlastair Paragas, SCIS student completing his Computer Science degree, will intern at CERN, located in Geneva, Switzerland. CERN is the home of the hadron collider where the Higgs-Boson particle was discovered. Another great development at CERN was the creation of the modern internet – the world wide web, with web pages as accessible documents through HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol), as developed by Tim Berners-Lee.

Alastair will be doing research and software engineering work with CERN’s distributed computing and data reporting/analytics team, under the mentorship of Manuel Martin Marquez.

I will ensure the software that transports real-time data collected from the various instrumentation and devices at CERN don’t get lost! I also get to develop software that stores such data into both online transactional and analytical processing workloads.

– Alastair

Out of 1,560 complete applications, Alastair was chosen as one of three other U.S. students, and in total 33 other students around the world.

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