SCIS Faculty at FIU Annual Patent Recognition Award Ceremony

Dr. Iyengar, Dr. Prabaker and Dr. Rishe were recognized for receiving a US Patent on their inventions at the annual Patent Recognition Award Ceremony on October 25th.

Dr. S.S. Iyengar

Dr. S.S. Iyengar and Dr. Nagarajan Prabakar

Systems for Controlling a Movable Object

Patent No.: 9,934,613 B2


An augmented reality system is described that comprises a movable object comprising an object hardware component; a control hardware component for wirelessly transmitting and receiving signals via a communication link to the object hardware component; and a software component stored on a non-transitory computer-readable medium and in operable communication with the control hardware component. An application user interface is provided for enabling a user to provide command input for controlling the movement of the movable object via the object hardware component.

Dr. Nagarajan Prabakar

Inventors: Jong-Hoon Kim, Nagarajan Prabakar, S.S. Iyengar, Lorenzo Castillo, Jon Carvajal, Eliana Almario, Giuseppe Vietri

Learn more: Systems for Controlling a Movable Object

Dr. Naphtali Rishe

User Interface for Co-Optimizing Weight Factors

Patent No.: 10,061,501 B2


Techniques and systems are disclosed for receiving user input related to three co-optimized objectives, factors, or parameters, and translating the user input into weight factors for a tri-variable weighting function. In various embodi­ments, a triangular user interface element is displayed that allows a user to assign importance weights to three interre­lated decision optimization objectives using a single user input selection gesture. Each side of the triangular user interface element presents a factor of the weight function. When the user selects a single position on the perimeter or within the field of the triangular figure in the user interface, weight factors for each of the three interrelated optimization objectives are determined that can be used as weight factors in the tri-variable weighting function.

Inventors: Oliver Ullrich, Naphtali Rishe, Daniel Luckerath

Learn more: User Interface for Co-Optimizing Weight Factors

Dr. Naphtali Rishe

Remote Control and Concierge Service for an Autonomous Transit Vehicle Fleet

Patent No.: 9,964,948 B2


Methods and systems for assisting autonomous vehicles are provided. The methods and systems can help increase safety and consumer satisfaction with autonomous vehicles and help bridge the gap towards completely autonomy. A method for assisting autonomous vehicles can include providing an autonomous vehicle having sensory inputs and providing a remote control center having two-way communication with the autonomous vehicle. The autonomous vehicle can send its sensory input information to the control center and the control center can send control information to the autono­mous vehicle.

Inventors: Oliver Ullrich and Naphtali Rishe

Learn more: Remote Control and Concierge Service for an Autonomous Transit Vehicle Fleet

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