CU with FIU Strengthening processes & Postgraduate training

Students and professors of the Faculty of Engineering participated in the development at the Coliseum Competence at the University of the Coast. A day filled of socialization of study opportunities and scholarships for postgraduate studies at FIU. The talk was
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Ms. Medhini Narasimhan, wins the ISCB Student Council Best Poster Award

SCIS congratulates Ms. Medhini Narasimhan, a visiting undergraduate student, for winning the ISCB Student Council Best Poster Award at Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology Conference (ISMB 2016). Congratulations to Prof.Narasimhan, Medhini Narasimhan’s advisor.


Brazilian students working at FIU’s Discovery Lab

The Brazilian government is thinking of STEM education and that’s why Brazil is paying for undergraduate college students to spend the summer at the School of Computing and Information Science. Science Without Borders, currently have six Brazilian students working at
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Ricardo Mizos overcomes autism and earns a degree in Information Technology

Ricardo Mizos, 23, has autism but with support from his parents and early therapeutic intervention, he recently graduated with a degree in information technology and plans on returning to in the fall for graduate school. One of the challenges of
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Ruogu Fang Portrait

Professor Research to Help Reduce Radiation in CT Scans

  Assistant Professor at Florida International University’s School of Computing and Information Sciences, Ruogu Fang is researching how to reduce radiation from these scans by using math and computer technology. In her research, she takes CT scan images acquired at
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Introduction to Computer Programming

What if your final exam were to create a video game? Sounds tantalizing, doesn’t it? You don’t have to know anything about programming, and you don’t have to be a computer science major. All you have to do is sign
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Witherspoon Twins

Shonda and Shalisha Witherspoon create a path for women in Tech

  Information technology majors, identical twins, Shonda and Shalisha Witherspoon, walked across the graduation stage this morning sharing top honors in their graduating class at Florida International University.With a matching 3.95 GPAs Also, becoming the first in their family to
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SCIS Awards Ceremony 2015

The 2015 Award Ceremony recognized Students, Staff, and Faculty on “Outstanding Undergraduate Student”, “Excellence in Research”, “Best Staff” and more. Congratulate the winners and take a look at the photo gallery to see all the fun.

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Health Avatar Could Become Modern Version of Doctor’s House Call

  This may all seem like something from a far-in-the-future science fiction movie. But a researcher at FIU is close to making it a reality. Professor Christine Lisetti has developed a medical avatar, an interactive computer program that can help
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SCIS Faculty leads research project to authenticate journalists’ cellphone footage

Bogdan Carbunar, a professor in the School of Computing & Information Sciences, used those questions to launch his research into new technology to make fraudulent video easier to detect. The technology is based on something called sensor data, information that most cell phones
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Ultimate Software and FIU prepare students for job market

Ultimate Software and FIU have announced an extension of 10 years to their partnership to fund students and promote CS education. FIU News Article Ultimate Software, FIU Expand Partnership to Prepare Students for Job Market


FIU unveils its new Tech Station

With a ribbon-cutting and an open house with executives from South Florida’s largest technology companies and promising startups, Florida International University inaugurated its $3 million Tech Station on Wednesday. Read more at Miami Herald