Flit-Path Cohort B Grant

Florida-IT-Pathways to Success (Flit-Path) is a Collaborative Research Grant awarded by the National Science Foundation to the three metropolitan institutions, Florida International University (FIU), University of Central Florida (UCF) and University of South Florida (USF). The project will provide scholarships
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ACM 2016 Highlights

We had an amazing Fall 2016, with an average attendance of 28 people per meeting ACM was able to develop a regular audience to listen in to workshops, get involved and namely hone their skills in Computer Programming. ACM was
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FIU STARS – Fall 2016 Highlights

FIU STARS is part of a national organization called STARS Computing Corps, whose purpose is to provide leadership, mentoring, and technical skills as a means to broaden participating in computing.   This year’s SCIS Outstanding Undergraduate Student Awards were presented to
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FIU’s Upsilon Pi Epsilon Fall 2016 Highlights

The Florida International University chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) had an incredibly successful year, establishing itself as the premier organization for students majoring in the computing and information disciplines. As the only honor society in these fields of study,
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SCIS Alumni introduced an application to help residents of Flint, Michigan in water crisis

Researchers introduced a mobile application and a website to help residents of Flint, Michigan easily find water crisis information. Mywater-Flint is an Android application and website,, developed by Dr. Mark Allison, a former PhD student and now Assistant Professor
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SCIS Alumni reached $950K goal during StartUP FIU

If the numbers are right, we’ll fund you. ~ Howard Lubert of Keiretsu Forum Jason Dettbarn, School of Computing and Information Sciences alumni, introduced a business that he developed in collaboration with a senior design course. His team includes several former students,
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Mark Weiss Torch Awards Recipient for Outstanding Faculty

In April of 2017, the FIU Alumni Association will host the Torch Awards Gala at the JW Marriot Marquis Miami. This award ceremony was created in 2000 as the highest honor given to alumni and to a single faculty member by the
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Artificial intelligence sheds new light on classic texts

The system used artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to unearth a trove of surprising insights. For example, they found that evil sorcery often took place close to Catholic monasteries. This made a certain amount of sense since Catholic sites in Denmark were
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New Eye Implant Device could Save Glaucoma Patients’ vision

People with high-risk glaucoma will be able to monitor their disease, anywhere, anytime, thanks to a new device developed by an FIU professor. S.S. Iyengar Glaucoma is an eye disease in which increased intraocular pressure causes damage to the optic
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SCIS Student W. Victor H. Yarlott visits The Heidelberg Laureate Forum

The Heidelberg Laureate Forum is an annual,invitation-only event which brings young Mathematics and CS researchers together with Abel, Fields, and Turing distinguished laureates. FIU CIS Ph.D. Student W. Victor H. Yarlott shares his inspiring experiences at the forum with CACM.
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Cutting-edge research in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is one of the hottest topics in research today, involving both privacy and security across the internet. Security risks increase as more cyber-physical systems are interconnected to make our lives easier. Both work and entertainment are ever more integrated
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Ways to add tech skills to a resume

It’s no secret that in today’s digital age, technical professionals are in high demand.These days, computer science and information technology are not the only fields that require technical prowess. Education is gradually becoming digital, with many schools providing tablets and
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