Service to the community is an important mission we strive to fulfill. Our school seeks to have both a global scientific impact and an engaged and relevant local impact on technology-related industries in Miami and South Florida. Whether we are providing advanced workshops for teachers, demonstrating the state-of-the-art technology at an event, or providing at-risk students with opportunities to learn about technology, our faculty, staff, and students are committed to sharing our knowledge and talents for the betterment of society.

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Photo of Miami Springs High School students Rachel Quijano and Norlan Nunez

SCIS host Summer Youth Internship Program at FIU

Miami Springs High School students Rachel Quijano and Norlan Nunez spent five weeks this summer at SCIS thanks to the Florida International University 2018 Summer Youth Internship Program, a STEM collaborative initiative between FIU and Miami-Dade County Public Schools. A
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Photo of GEN2050 Summer Youth Enrichment Program visiting FIU ICAVE

GEN2050 visit to ICAVE

Funded by The Children’s Trust, the largest funder of after-school, youth enrichment and summer camp programs in Miami-Dade County, GEN2050 Summer Youth Enrichment Program at the Peacemaker Family Center serves disadvantaged youth ages 12-19 living in Miami Gardens, Florida. GEN2050
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Photo of the Girls Who Code Panel 2018 at FIU

Women in Computer Science Panel Discussion and Networking

Ruth Suarez (SCIS Academic Advisor), Cristy Charters (SCIS Instructor), Amy Renshaw (Code/Art Co-founder and President), Alejandra Massuh (WICS Student Organization President), and Darlene Holland (Chemistry and Coding Educator) acted as panelists during yesterday’s Women in CS Panel event. Their contribution
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Photo of Mario Eraso

FIU-SCIS STEM Coordinator discusses math outreach program at elementary and secondary school

When you glance at your bracelet or a painting in a museum, it’s easy to assume that little to no math was used in their creation. But according to Mario Eraso, engineering and artistry go together more often than we
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Photo of Verizon Innovative Summer STEM Camp 2018

Verizon Innovative Summer STEM Camp 2018

This year Florida International University School of Computing and Information Sciences, in conjunction with the STEM Transformation Institute hosted the Verizon Innovative Learning summer STEM camp for minority middle school boys for the second year. In attendance were 53 boys
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Photo of Kierstin winning Top Teacher Award

FIU Coding Clubs Girls participated in the 3rd Annual Code/Art Miami event

The FIU Coding Clubs Girls participated in the 3rd Annual Code/Art Miami event, which was attended by 350 people and held on Sunday, May 20, 2018, at University of Miami. Some stats about the event: Thanks to a SCIS-Code/Art MOU
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