Computer Science FAQ

I am considering changing my major to Computer Science. I would like to know what I need to do to start the process.

You will need to email the KFSCIS Advising team at to request a change of major. An email will be sent to you after the KFSCIS Change of Major Committee reviews your request and comes up with a decision.  The whole process takes about two to three weeks.

What is the difference between the BA in CS and the BS in CS?

The primary difference between the BA and the BS in Computer Science is their academic focus. The BA provide students a solid foundation in Computer Science blended with an interdisciplinary field of your choice while the BS requires the completion of more math, natural science courses and CS electives.

Which prerequisite courses for the Computer Science program should I take at my current institution before I transfer to FIU?

You should try to take a Java programming course at your current school. That is the most important course, since it is a prerequisite for all CS courses.

Additional courses:

  1. Discrete Mathematics
  2. Physics with Calculus I & II with labs (BS in CS only)
  3. Calculus I & II (BS in CS only)

Do I need to take the corresponding labs for the BS in CS natural science electives?

Completion of the labs is not required but if you would like to register any of the following courses at FIU you will also need to register the lab which is the course co-requisite: BSC2010, BSC2011, CHM1045 & CHM1046.

Do I need to take CGS 1920 Intro to Computing?

CGS1920 will be waived for students transferring at least 55 credits or a bachelor’s degree.

Additional courses have been added to the BS in CS requirements since I declared my major. Do I have to take these additional classes?

You have a choice. You can graduate under the requirements that were in effect when you declared your major as an upper division student (known as your catalog year), or you can graduate under the new requirements.  Please verify with you assigned advisor how many additional courses, if any, you would need to complete.

Will the MDC classes CHM 1025 and BSC1005 satisfy the Natural Science requirement for the BS in Computer Science?

No. These courses will not satisfy the Natural Science requirement because they are not designed for science majors.

Could I receive college credit if I sign up for an internship?

Everything that you need to know about internships can be found in the Student Internship Manual.

Completing an internship will not satisfy any KFSCIS major requirements. However, students planning to do an internship could request class permission to register COP3949 or COP4949 to receive general elective credit(s).  Please follow the instructions in the link below:

I am a student at MDC (or BC), do I need to take BSC2010, BSC2011, CHM1045, CHM1046 and labs?

Students are recommended to complete PHY2048, PHY2049 and labs plus two additional Natural Science courses while pursuing an AA at a FL State College to satisfy requirements for the BS in CS.  They are choices for meeting the Natural Science elective requirement for the BS in Computer Science degree.

If you decide to take any of these classes at MDC (or BC), then please be aware that you only need to take two of them, not all four. It is also possible to choose from GLY1010 or GLY1100 at MDC (or BC) for the science requirement.  The labs are not required for the BS in CS but may be needed to satisfy requirements for the AA.  Make sure to verify with a BC or MDC advisor.

I have taken a course in C++ (or Visual Basic, Pascal, C, or Fortran), do I still need to take Programming I?

Yes, you will need to take Programming I. The main reason is that Programming I at FIU uses the Java programming language, and so does Programming II. To be properly prepared for Programming II, you will need to understand how to program in Java.

If I complete all my required CS courses, will I be able to graduate?

You still may be missing upper division credits even after completing all the required courses for the Computer Science degree or may be missing other FIU graduation requirements like Global Learning, Foreign Language, etc.

Please contact your assigned advisor to request a review of your Panther Degree Audit.

Will the Computer Security course count as a Computer Science elective?

No, CNT4403 Network and Computing Security will not count as a CS elective course.  It is an IT/CYB core course.

Which Physics courses are required for the BS in CS?

You will need to complete Physics with Calculus 1 (PHY2048), Physics with Calculus II (PHY2049) with corresponding labs with a minimum grade of ‘C’.

I am an FIU alumni and would like to complete a second bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Do I have to retake the general education courses?

No, the general education courses, known as UCC, were already satisfied with the first bachelor.

The requirements for a second bachelor’s degree are as follows:

  1. Must complete at least 30 credits beyond your first degree.
  2. Must complete only the major courses (core and major electives).

Can I take the BS in CS Physics courses at another school?

FIU degree seeking students should take the Physics courses at FIU unless they are not available.  If that is the case, then you could submit the Transient Student Application to take it at another state university or state college in Florida.

  1. Go to
  2. Go to “Apply or Check Application Status Now”.
  3. Create the PIN/Password on your My FIU account.
    • Click the ‘Profile’ tile
    • At the Menu select ‘Personal Identification Number’.
  4. You will receive an approval or denial from FIU via email.
  5. Contact the other school to complete the transient student request.

Please be mindful that these transfer courses will satisfy the FIU course requirement with a passing grade but will not affect your FIU GPA.