Computer Science

Master in Computer Science
The Master of Science in Computer Science degree provides study in state-of-the-art computer applications as well as an introduction to the theoretical foundations of computer science.

Information Science

Masters in Information Technology (MSIT)
The Master of Science in Information Technology is intended to educate students in the area of technical aspects of Information. It provides an emphasis on software technology, database technology, and security technology.

Professional Master of Science in Information Technology
Develop the knowledge and skills you will need to succeed as an IT professional. Earn your MS in one year with our accelerated hybrid program that prepares graduates to implement better IT solutions in high-impact areas like security and networking.

Telecommunications and Networking

Master of Science in Telecommunications and Networking
The Master of Science in Telecommunications and Networking is intended to educate individuals seeking employment with hardware and/or software companies, service providers, large user organizations, or telecommunications regulatory agencies as well as for those who are employed by these companies/ organizations and wish to obtain formal, higher-level, specialized degree in Telecommunications and Networking.


Master of Science in Cybersecurity (MSCYBER)
The Master of Science in Cybersecurity is an interdisciplinary program providing broad and deep technical study of the ever-changing landscape of cyber security. Designed for students with a background in computer science, computer engineering, or information technology, the program aims to develop the skills needed for employment in the information technology industry or for further graduate study.

Data Science

Master in Data Science
The Master in Data Science is an interdisciplinary degree to impart broad and deep technical training in data science, drawing on faculty expertise across the FIU campus, and allowing for specialization in several key application areas of importance to the industry. This MS program in Data Science will prepare the students for the global marketplace where major decisions in every discipline are becoming increasingly “data-driven”.