Information Technology (B.S.) – Software Track

The Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology as a single major with a strong foundation in the theory of Computer Science.

Flowchart (Effective January 2020)
Flowchart (If declared major before December 2019)
Plan of Study


Students should have completed the following courses (or equivalent) prior to starting the BS in Information Technology.
Only a programming course in Java will be accepted as transfer credit to satisfy COP2210.

  • COP2210 Programming 1
  • PSY2012 Introduction to Psychology
  • COT3100 Discrete Structures or MAD2104 Discrete Math
  • CGS1920 Introduction to Computing

CGS2518 Computer Data Analysis

– OR –

CGS2060 Introduction to Microcomputers

– OR –

CGS2100 Introduction to Micro for Business

MAC1147 Pre-Calculus Trigonometry

– OR –

MAC1140 Pre-Calulus Algebra

Interdisciplinary Credits

Nine credits must be taken outside Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences. These credits must be selected from the courses for a minor or certificate in another discipline. All nine credits must be taken from the same minor or certificate.

Core Courses

  • CEN3721 Human Computer Interaction
  • COP3337 Programming 2
  • CGS3767 Computer Operating Systems
  • CDA3103 Fundamentals of Computer Systems
  • CGS4285 Applied Computer Networking
  • CGS4854 Web Site Construction and Management
  • CNT4403+¬†Computing and Network Security
  • COP3530 Data Structures
  • COP4703 Information Storage and Retrieval
  • COP4338 Programming 3
  • COP4814+¬†Component-Based Software Dev.

CGS3095 Technology in the Global Arena

ENC3213 Professional & Technical Writing

– OR –

ENC3249 Professional & Technical Writing for CS

Elective Courses

All students must take two elective courses
Students must select one area of concentration and take two courses in that area.

System Administration

  • CIS4431 IT Automation
  • CNT4603 System Admin and Maintenance
  • CTS4348 Unix Admin
  • CTS4743 Enterprise IT Troubleshooting

Network Administration

  • CNT4504 Network Administration
  • CNT4513 Data Communication


Application Development

  • COP4005 Windows Programming for IT
  • COP4655 Mobile App. Development
  • COP4813 Web App. Programming


  • CIS4365 Enterprise Cybersecurity
  • CNT4182 Mobile & IoT Security

Database Administration

  • CTS4408 DB Admin
  • COP4722 DB Survey

Free Electives

All students must complete additional general elective courses to reach a minimum of 120 total credits. Prerequisites can count as general electives.

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