Graduate Student Seminar

A New Study of Applying Complexity Theoretical Tools in Algorithm Design

Shuai Xu

Given n vectors x₀, x₁,…,xₙ₋₁ in {0,1}ᵐ, how to find two vectors whose pairwise Hamming distance is minimum? This problem …

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Inferring Multiomic Interactions Under a Bayesian Framework from Longitudinal Data

Daniel Ruiz-Perez

Understanding microbial communities beyond their mere composition involves identifying important microbial interactions, and can lead to the development of better …

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Correlating Water Quality and Profile Data in the Florida Keys using Machine Learning Methods

Alejandro Torres

Water quality is a very active subject of research in the community, where its importance includes maintaining the environment, managing …

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Multimodal Data Analytics and Fusion for Data Science

Haiman Tian

The advances in technologies have rapidly accumulated a zettabyte of “new” data every two years. The huge amount of data …

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Spatio-Temporal Multimedia Big Data Analytics Using Deep Neural Networks

Samira Pouyanfar

With the proliferation of online services and mobile technologies, the world has stepped into a multimedia big data era, where …

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Development and Design of a Multi-Variable, Multi-Dimensional Secured Network Routing Protocol

Jerry Miller

Multi-variable, multi-dimensional networks have historically used simplified 2-D network phenomena to model complex network variables, especially when these networks are …

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Scalable Methods for the Profiling and Classification of Metagenomic DNA Sequencing Data

Camilo Valdes

A microbiome is a collection of microorganisms that inhabit a particular environmental niche such as the human body or earth …

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A Deep Learning Approach for Predicting User Attrition Augmented with Contextual Features

Victor Potapenko

The complexity of modeling entity behavior with deep learning is proportional to sophistication of entity decision making ability within a …

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