Graduate Student Seminar

Deep Learning Strategies To Investigate Protein Binding

Vitalii Aleksandr Stebliankin

The binding of proteins plays an essential role in most critical biological processes. Investigating methods to study protein binding is …

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Transforming User requirements to Test cases using Model-Driven Software Engineering and Natural Language Processing

Sai Chaithra Allala

Testing continues to be the main approach to ensuring software quality during development. Although there have been many attempts to …

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High-Performance Computing Algorithms for Accelerating Peptide Identification from Mass-Spectrometry Data using Heterogeneous Supercomputers

Muhammad Haseeb

For the past 30 years, computational proteomics researchers have strived to improve the efficiency of database peptide search algorithms that …

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Never Too Late: Understanding The Experiences Of Non-Computing Women Transitions Into Computing Careers

Jia Zhu

he rapid growth of the computing industry requires a diverse and highly qualified workforce. Despite efforts of broadening participation in …

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Jerry Miller Portrait

Aviate and Communicate: An Improved 3-Dimensional Gauss-Markov Mobility Model For Evaluation of Communication Routing Protocols In Flying Ad Hoc Networks

Jerry Miller

The need for fast and reliable flying ad hoc network (FANET) communication becomes increasingly important as drone technology becomes ever …

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Automation of NDN Security by Schematized Authentication, Authorization and Confidentiality Policies

Proyash Podder

Named Data Networking represents a major advancement in network communication by transforming the conventional model from delivering packets to hosts …

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Leveraging Emerging Storage Systems for Data Intensive Applications

Manoj P. Saha

The explosion of unstructured data has given rise to Key-Value (KV) and object stores. However, conventional operating system (OS) I/O …

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Serverless-Edge Computing for Machine Learning Applications: Architecture, Solutions, and Future Directions

Boyuan Guan

Over the past decade, the popularity of machine learning applications such as recommender systems, image recognition, real-time alerts, event detection, …

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