Graduate Student Seminar

Temporal Analysis of Narratives: TimeML Graphs, Timelines, and Durations

Mustafa Ocal

Extracting temporal analysis of narratives is useful for many Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications such as question answering, summarization, information …

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Automatic Learning of Document Section Structure for Ontology-Based Semantic Search

Deya Banisakher

Modeling natural human behavior in understanding written language is crucial for developing true artificial intelligence. For people, words convey certain …

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Modeling and Analyzing Cyber-Physical Systems Using Hybrid Predicate Transition Nets

Dewan Mohammad Moksedul Alam

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs) are an ecosystem of heterogeneous components where physical devices controlled by digital controllers come together towards the …

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Demystifying Search Rank Fraud

Nestor Gabriel Hernandez Hernandez

Search rank fraud, i.e., the posting of large numbers of fake activities for products hosted in commercial peer-opinion services such …

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Support Efficient, Scalable, and Online Social Spam Detection in System

Hailu Xu

The broad success of online social networks (OSNs) has created fertile soil for the emergence and fast spread of social …

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Technical Interviews: Another Barrier To Broadening Participation in Computing?

Stephanie Lunn

The hiring process in computing is distinct from other fields, with unspoken expectations of digital portfolios and coding challenges designed …

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Evolution Analysis for Neural Network

Liqun Yang

As the research of neural networks going further and further, the nature of the learning of the neural network attracts …

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Automatically Detecting Motifs in Narrative

W. Victor H. Yarlott

There is a wealth of cultural information that can be found in narrative: taboos, rituals, relations, and traditions, to name …

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