Graduate Student Seminar

NDN-ABS: Attribute-Based Signature Scheme for Named Data Networking

Sanjeev Kaushik Ramani

The Named Data Networking architecture mandates cryptographic signatures of packets at the network layer. Traditional RSA and ECDSA public key …

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Causality in Microbiomes

Musfiqur Sazal

Inferring causality is the process of connecting a cause with an effect. Identifying even a single causal relationship from data …

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A New Study of Applying Complexity Theoretical Tools in Algorithm Design

Shuai Xu

Given n vectors x₀, x₁,…,xₙ₋₁ in {0,1}ᵐ, how to find two vectors whose pairwise Hamming distance is minimum? This problem …

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Inferring Multiomic Interactions Under a Bayesian Framework from Longitudinal Data

Daniel Ruiz-Perez

Understanding microbial communities beyond their mere composition involves identifying important microbial interactions, and can lead to the development of better …

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Correlating Water Quality and Profile Data in the Florida Keys using Machine Learning Methods

Alejandro Torres

Water quality is a very active subject of research in the community, where its importance includes maintaining the environment, managing …

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Multimodal Data Analytics and Fusion for Data Science

Haiman Tian

The advances in technologies have rapidly accumulated a zettabyte of “new” data every two years. The huge amount of data …

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Spatio-Temporal Multimedia Big Data Analytics Using Deep Neural Networks

Samira Pouyanfar

With the proliferation of online services and mobile technologies, the world has stepped into a multimedia big data era, where …

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Development and Design of a Multi-Variable, Multi-Dimensional Secured Network Routing Protocol

Jerry Miller

Multi-variable, multi-dimensional networks have historically used simplified 2-D network phenomena to model complex network variables, especially when these networks are …

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