Graduate Student Seminar

A Flexible Framework To Optimize The Hybrid Cloud System For Big Data Streaming Applications

Boyuan Guan

In Hybrid Cloud computing environments, computing resources and distributed storage spaces are supplied through multiple cloud computing providers and mixed …

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Collaborative Exploration for Multi-Robots

Naadir M. Kirlew

Multi-Robot collaboration has become a topic of great interest as problems have become more complex and technology has improved to …

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Non-Datapath Caches

Steven G. Lyons Jr.

Conventionally, caching algorithms have been designed for the datapath — the levels of memory that data must contain the data …

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Secure Distributed Applications in Satoshi Blockchains

Ruben Recabarren Velarde

Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) have emerged as a new platform for building distributed systems. Our thesis is that Satoshi cryptocurrencies, …

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A Generalization of a Theorem of Rothschild and van Lint

Yekun Xu

A classical result of Rothschild and van Lint asserts that if every non-zero Fourier coefficient of a Boolean function f …

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Big Data Analytic Frameworks for Cyber-Physical System

Yuzhou Feng

The cyber-physical system (CPS) has been erupting worldwide over the past decade. People in smart homes and smart buildings are …

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Correlating Water Quality and Profile Data in the Florida Keys using Machine Learning methods

Alejandro M. Torres Castellanos

Water quality is a very active subject of research in the water science field, where its importance includes maintaining the …

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A mixed methods study: How cultural messages through experiences influence occupational pursuit of Muslim female computer science students

Maral Kargarmoakhar

Women are underrepresented in the field of computer science in the United States. Women’s participation in computer science has been …

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