Graduate Student Seminar

Applications of Quantitative Information Flow to Property-Revealing Encryption and Differential Privacy

Mireya Jurado

Across our digital lives, two powerful forces of data utility and data privacy push and pull against each other. In …

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An Evolutionary Optimization Algorithm for Automated Classical Machine Learning

Leila Zahedi

Building a useful machine learning model is a challenging process, requiring human expertise to perform various proper tasks and ensure …

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A Bayesian Programming Approach to Car-following Model Calibration and Validation using Limited Data

Franklin Abodo

Traffic simulation software is used by transportation researchers and engineers to design, and evaluate the efficacy of, changes intended to …

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Anomaly Detection in Sequential Data: A Deep Learning-Based Approach

Jayesh Soni

Anomaly Detection has been researched in various domains with several applications in intrusion detection, fraud detection, system health management, and …

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Roger Boza

Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) is a type of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) designed explicitly for processing unstructured data, such as …

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Privacy Preserving Data Fusion, Filtering, and Planning for High Spatio-temporal Resolution Environmental Monitoring

Cesar Rojas

Environmental parameters (e.g., water quality, vegetation, and weather) measuring, monitoring, and estimation are critical for threat detection and mitigation. As …

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Distributed Machine Learning Algorithms for Resource-Constrained Heterogeneous Internet-of-Things Environments

Ahmed Imteaj

With the improvement of network infrastructures and the advancement of IoT technologies, it is crucial to perform computation at the …

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Communicating with Culture: How Humans and Machines Detect Narrative Elements

W. Victor H. Yarlott

To understand how people communicate, we must understand how they leverage shared stories and all the knowledge, information, and associations …

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