Graduate Student Seminar

A Mixed Methods Study: How Cultural Messages Through Experiences Influence Occupational Pursuit of Muslim Female Computer Science Students

Maral Kargarmoakhar

Women are underrepresented in the field of computer science in the United States. However, this is not a new problem …

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A Multidimensional Blockchain Framework For Mobile Internet of Things

Hussein Zangoti

The age of combining sensing, processing and communication in moving, resource-constrained physical devices that connect and exchange data with other …

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Advanced High-Performance Computing and Machine-Learning Methods to Solve Problems in Network Neuroscience

Oswaldo Artiles

Oswaldo Artiles is a Ph.D. candidate at the Knight Foundation School of Computing & Information Sciences (KFSCIS) at Florida International …

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Mitigating Adversarial Perturbations in Machine Learning Models in the Presence of Uncertainty

Sheila Alemany

Machine learning (ML) models have achieved significant performance because of their ability to generalize information from the training data. This …

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“Am I smart enough to be a computer scientist?”: Mindset, identity, & broadening participation from inside the classroom

Jasmine Batten

Over the past several decades, computing fields have been growing and increasing in occupational demand for educated computing professionals. The …

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Secure Multi-Robot Computation for Heterogeneous Teams: Foundations and Applications

Murtadha Alsayegh

The robotics research community has made substantial progress in planning, controlling, and coordinating multi-robot systems in recent years. Robots have …

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Mustafa Ocal

Temporal Analysis of Narratives: Timelines, TimeML Evaluation, and Durations

Mustafa Ocal

Narratives are sequence of events and one important way to understand narratives is to interpret events’ order (i.e. timeline). However, …

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Applications of Quantitative Information Flow to Property-Revealing Encryption and Differential Privacy

Mireya Jurado

Across our digital lives, two powerful forces of data utility and data privacy push and pull against each other. In …

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