Graduate Student Seminar

Support Efficient, Scalable, and Online Social Spam Detection in System

Hailu Xu

The broad success of online social networks (OSNs) has created fertile soil for the emergence and fast spread of social …

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Technical Interviews: Another Barrier To Broadening Participation in Computing?

Stephanie Lunn

The hiring process in computing is distinct from other fields, with unspoken expectations of digital portfolios and coding challenges designed …

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Evolution Analysis for Neural Network

Liqun Yang

As the research of neural networks going further and further, the nature of the learning of the neural network attracts …

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Automatically Detecting Motifs in Narrative

W. Victor H. Yarlott

There is a wealth of cultural information that can be found in narrative: taboos, rituals, relations, and traditions, to name …

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Jason Liu Portrait

Easy Breezy Python Simulation Using Simulus

Jason Liu

Simulus is a full-fledged open-source discrete-event simulator, supporting both event-driven and process-oriented simulation world-views. It is implemented in Python with …

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Spiral: Exploiting The Spam Correlations In Scalable Online Social Spam Detection

Hailu Xu

Malicious URL links, fraudulent advertisements, faked reviews, and biased propaganda are bringing serious consequences for both virtual social networks and …

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Reputation-aware Trajectory-based Data Mining in the Internet of Things (IoT)

Samia Tasnim

Internet of Things (IoT) is a critically important technology for the acquisition of spatiotemporally dense data in diverse applications, ranging …

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Trajectory Privacy Preservation and Lightweight Blockchain Techniques for Mobility-Centric IoT

Abdur Rahman Bin Shahid

Various research efforts have been undertaken to solve the problem of trajectory privacy preservation in the Internet of Things (IoT) …

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