Upcoming Lectures

Photo of Kishwar Ahmed

Energy Demand Response for High-Performance Computing Systems

Speaker: Kishwar Ahmed

The growing computational demand of scientific applications has greatly motivated the development of large-scale high-performance computing (HPC) systems in the …

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Photo of Kemal Akkaya

Building a Private Bitcoin-based Payment Network among Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations

Speaker: Kemal Akkaya

Mass penetration and market dominance of Electric Vehicles (EVs) are expected in the upcoming years. Due to their frequent charging …

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Educating Tomorrows Engineers including Entrepreneurship and Numerical Simulation of Boiling Heat Transfer under Different Gravity Levels

Speaker: Vijay Dhir

Engineering education is going through a change in pedagogy and modes of delivery. In the first part of this talk …

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Past Lectures

Photo of Qing Wang

Intelligent Data Mining Techniques for Automatic Service Management

Speaker: Qing Wang

Driven by the rapid changes in economic environment, business enterprises constantly explore innovative ways of expanding their outreach and gaining …

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Photo of Dionny Santiago

A Model-Based AI-Driven Test Generation System

Speaker: Dionny Santiago

Achieving high software quality today involves manual analysis, test planning, documentation of testing strategy and test cases, and development of …

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Photo of Mohammad Abu Obaida

Performance Prediction of Large Scale Parallel Applications and Systems using HPC Simulation and Analysis based Modeling

Speaker: Mohammad Abu Obaida

Parallel application performance predictions offer valuable insight about their actual runs.  However, producing high quality predictions for massively parallel applications …

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Photo of Md Mizanur Rahman

Search Rank Fraud Prevention in Online Systems

Speaker: Md Mizanur Rahman

The survival of products in online services such as Google Play, Yelp, Facebook, and Amazon, is contingent on their search …

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Photo of Bin Shi

Gradient-Based Algorithm on Machine Learning

Speaker: Bin Shi

Researchers are exploring efficient algorithms to find local minima as well as global minima from Newton Second Law without friction. …

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Photo of Ramesh Baral

Context-Aware Point-of-Interest Recommendation System

Speaker: Ramesh Baral

The increasing volume of information has created overwhelming challenges to extract the relevant items manually. Fortunately, the online systems, such …

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