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Photo of Sajedul Talukder

Detection and Prevention of Abuse in Online Social Networks

Speaker: Sajedul Talukder

Online social networks like Facebook promote friend relationships that can lead to a number of abuses ranging from collection and …

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Photo of Haiman Tian

Multimodal Data Analytics and Fusion for Data Science

Speaker: Haiman Tian

The advances in technologies have rapidly accumulated a zettabyte of “new” data every two years. The huge amount of data …

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Photo of Samira Pouyanfar

Spatio-Temporal Multimedia Big Data Analytics Using Deep Neural Networks

Speaker: Samira Pouyanfar

With the proliferation of online services and mobile technologies, the world has stepped into a multimedia big data era, where …

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Photo of Mohsen Taheri

A Structural Equation Model Analysis of Computing Identity Sub-Constructs and Student Academic Persistence

Speaker: Mohsen Taheri

This proposal presents the effects of computing identity sub-constructs on the persistence of computer science students. Computer science (CS) is …

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Photo of Gregory Murad Reis

Augmented Terrain-Based Navigation to Enable Persistent Autonomy for Underwater Vehicles in GPS-Denied Environments

Speaker: Gregory Murad Reis

Aquatic robots, such as Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), play a major role in the study of ocean processes that require …

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Photo of Tauhid Alam

A Dynamical System Approach for Resource-Constrained Mobile Robotics

Speaker: Tauhidul Alam

The revolution of autonomous vehicles has led to the development of robots with abundant sensors, actuators with many degrees of …

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