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Kurt Baumgartner

Supplementing CTI Research with Similarity Findings

Speaker: Kurt Baumgartner

Our cyber threat intelligence provides technical insights into targeted attack activity around the world. Providing an understanding of relevant malware …

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Muriel Medard

Guessing Random Additive Noise Decoding (GRAND)

Speaker: Muriel Médard

Claude Shannon’s 1948 “A Mathematical Theory of Communication” provided the basis for the digital communication revolution. As part of that …

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Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning for Connected Autonomous Driving

Speaker: Praveen Palanisamy

The ability to autonomously navigate in 2D, 3D and unconstrained spaces by vehicles, robots or agents is desirable for several …

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Matt Wakefield

Emerging Cyber Security Priorities for the Grid

Speaker: Matt Wakefield

This session will provide an overview of the Electric Power Research Institute and Cyber Security research priorities. EPRI recently completed …

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Understanding Event Structure in Text

Speaker: Mohammed Aldawsari

Stories often appear in textual form, for example, news stories are found in the form of newspaper articles, blogs, broadcast …

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A Feature Selection Framework for Identifying Molecular Biomarkers from Multi-Omics Cancer Data

Speaker: Md Abdullah Al Mamun

Cancer is a multi-omics molecular process combining abnormal gene expression, DNA methylation, histone modifications, and non-coding RNA dysregulations. One can …

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