Upcoming Lectures

Photo of Shiqiang Wang

Federated Machine Learning in Resource-Constrained Edge Computing Systems

Speaker: Shiqiang Wang

Emerging technologies and applications including the Internet of Things (IoT), social networking, and crowd-sourcing generate a large amount of data …

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Photo of Kimon Valavanis

Modeling and Navigation Controller Design of a Circulation Control Fixed-Wing UAV

Speaker: Kimon Valavanis

Circulation Control (CC) is an effective technique that allows for increasing lift and improving the aerodynamic efficiency of Unmanned Aerial …

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Past Lectures

NDN-ABS: Attribute-Based Signature Scheme for Named Data Networking

Speaker: Sanjeev Kaushik Ramani

The Named Data Networking architecture mandates cryptographic signatures of packets at the network layer. Traditional RSA and ECDSA public key …

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Wei Zeng

Speaker: Wei Zeng

Modern geometry has been providing powerful tools to solve real-world geometric analysis tasks. These tasks can be 3D face recognition …

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Photo of Mark Finlayson

Toward Automatically Understanding Narrative

Speaker: Mark Finlayson

Narratives are ubiquitous. Whenever and wherever people use language, narratives are not only present but are of critical importance to …

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Photo of Hadi Amini

Distributed Optimization and Learning for Intelligent Interdependent Networks

Speaker: Hadi Amini

Increasing integration of modern technologies in the smart city infrastructures requires comprehensive models and efficient computational methods to deal with …

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Causality in Microbiomes

Speaker: Musfiqur Sazal

Inferring causality is the process of connecting a cause with an effect. Identifying even a single causal relationship from data …

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A New Study of Applying Complexity Theoretical Tools in Algorithm Design

Speaker: Shuai Xu

Given n vectors x₀, x₁,…,xₙ₋₁ in {0,1}ᵐ, how to find two vectors whose pairwise Hamming distance is minimum? This problem …

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