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Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Automatic Cloud Removal from Satellite Imagery

Speaker: Lawrence Egharevba

Remote sensing is the interpretation and inversion of radiometric measurements of electromagnetic radiation from a distance. Electromagnetic radiation can be …

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Yashas Hariprasad Professional Photo

Enhancing Visual Media Security – Advanced AI Deepfake Detection and Quantum Encryption for Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity

Speaker: Yashas Hariprasad

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital technology, the synergy between artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing has catalyzed transformative changes, …

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Headshot of Ph.D. Candidate Hussein Zangoti.

Advancing Scalability, Efficiency, and Storage Optimization in Blockchain for Mobile Internet of Things (mIoT) Applications

Speaker: Hussein Zangoti

The rising adoption of blockchain technology in mobile Internet of Things (mIoT) networks necessitates the development of efficient, scalable, and …

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Headshot of Ph.D. Candidate Proyash Podder

Automation of NDN Security by schematized authentication, and confidentiality policies

Speaker: Proyash Podder

Named Data Networking transforms the network communication model’s abstract so that instead of sending packets to hosts, secured data packets …

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Headshot of Ph.D. Candidate Raihanul Bari Tanvir

Graph Theoretic and Machine Learning-Based Frameworks for Cancer Biomarker Discovery

Speaker: Raihanul Bari Tanvir

Biomarkers are highly significant in cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment as they help to comprehend the biological response mechanisms following …

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Ph.D. Candidate Namrata Saha's Headshot

Interdependent Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Concurrent Restoration of Coupled Critical Infrastructures

Speaker: Namrata Saha

Ensuring the timely recovery of interdependent critical infrastructures is essential for enhancing the resilience of communities when faced with disruptive …

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