Upcoming Lectures

Integrating high-dimensional biological datasets to uncover disease-associated genes and gene networks

Speaker: Serdar Bozdag

“With the advances in high-throughput technologies in biology, numerous national and international consortiums have generated a vast amount of genotype, …

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Photo of Dmitry Bestuzhev

2 Meters Down and Back: Hunting for most persistent implants

Speaker: Dmitry Bestuzhev

This presentation is about hunting UEFI implants and another undocumented “”features”” running on the Ring -2, gaining an eternal persistence …

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Past Lectures

Technology Transfer between Government and Academia – Example, Lessons, and Student Gains

Speaker: Kevin A. Kwiat

This talk originates with a real Star Wars episode: dubbed “Star Wars” by the press the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) …

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Photo of Madjid Fathi

AI and its compound intersection with Cyber Physical technologies

Speaker: Madjid Fathi

“AI is not any more a mere theoretical subject from the early 80’s and 90’s. A large leap in science, …

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Photo of Deep Medhi

An Overview of NSF CISE Research Programs

Speaker: Deep Medhi

In this talk, I will give a broad overview of the National Science Foundation’s CISE directorate and some of its …

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Photo of Marijan Rajsman

Public Transportation System Modeling – Case Study of City of Zagreb Transit

Speaker: Marijan Rajsman

Regardless of whether the transportation system is of a country, region or a city, its main goal is always the …

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New Techniques for Data Management in Evolving Storage Technologies

Speaker: Janki Bhimani

A new era of “Data Age” is approaching today. Data is the fuel for analytics of all the emerging technologies …

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Automatically Detecting Motifs in Narrative

Speaker: W. Victor H. Yarlott

There is a wealth of cultural information that can be found in narrative: taboos, rituals, relations, and traditions, to name …

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