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Optimal Transport for Machine Learning: from Federated Learning to Complex Network Resilience

Speaker: Luiz Manella Pereira

Optimal transport (OT) has ties to optimization and probability theory, two domains that are critical to machine learning. The main …

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Cancelled Zero Trust – Trust Nothing

Speaker: Jeff Gottschalk

MIT Lincoln Laboratory recently published the results of an internal study on Zero Trust Architecture. The information will explain Zero …

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T-Reqs: HTTP Request Smuggling with Differential Fuzzing

Speaker: Professor Engin Kirda

HTTP Request Smuggling (HRS) is an attack that exploits the HTTP processing discrepancies between two servers deployed in a proxy-origin …

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Algorithmic Governance: Future of Technology on Policy Making

Speaker: Sukumar Ganapati

With the fast paced evolution of the digital world (especially AI), algorithmic governance is no longer aspirational, but becoming closer …

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Exploring Many-Body Physics with Single Quantum Entities for Quantum Information Science

Speaker: Hebin Li

Future scalable and reliable universal quantum computers can be more superior than classical computers for solving certain problems. To fully …

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Coral Gables Smart City Cyber-Physical Systems and Data Platforms

Speaker: Raimundo Rodulfo

Coral Gables in Florida has implemented a robust and resilient smart city technology infrastructure and engineering framework throughout multiple innovation …

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