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New Techniques for Data Management in Evolving Storage Technologies

Speaker: Janki Bhimani

A new era of “Data Age” is approaching today. Data is the fuel for analytics of all the emerging technologies …

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Automatically Detecting Motifs in Narrative

Speaker: W. Victor H. Yarlott

There is a wealth of cultural information that can be found in narrative: taboos, rituals, relations, and traditions, to name …

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Jason Liu Portrait

Easy Breezy Python Simulation Using Simulus

Speaker: Jason Liu

Simulus is a full-fledged open-source discrete-event simulator, supporting both event-driven and process-oriented simulation world-views. It is implemented in Python with …

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Spiral: Exploiting The Spam Correlations In Scalable Online Social Spam Detection

Speaker: Hailu Xu

Malicious URL links, fraudulent advertisements, faked reviews, and biased propaganda are bringing serious consequences for both virtual social networks and …

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Reputation-aware Trajectory-based Data Mining in the Internet of Things (IoT)

Speaker: Samia Tasnim

Internet of Things (IoT) is a critically important technology for the acquisition of spatiotemporally dense data in diverse applications, ranging …

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Trajectory Privacy Preservation and Lightweight Blockchain Techniques for Mobility-Centric IoT

Speaker: Abdur Rahman Bin Shahid

Various research efforts have been undertaken to solve the problem of trajectory privacy preservation in the Internet of Things (IoT) …

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