Upcoming Lectures


Mystic and Pathos: the Summer Project That Evolved into a Career of Research in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and High-performance Computing

Speaker: Michael McKerns

The mystic software provides tools that facilitate the creation of complex workflows for artificial intelligence, machine learning, optimization, and uncertainty …

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Past Lectures

Control-Aware Holistic Attack-Resiliency Analytics for Cyber-Physical Systems

Speaker: Mohammad Ashiqur Rahman

As cyber-physical systems (CPSs) evolved with the increasing availability of the internet of things (IoT) and improved communication infrastructures, their …

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Cohesion and Coupling: Approaches for Students Professional and Technical Development in Computing

Speaker: Stephanie Lunn

We frequently hear about the ongoing issues in computing, from its lack of diversity to concerns about students’ struggles with …

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The Case for Microgestures in Augmented Reality

Speaker: Francisco Ortega

The next wave of human-computer interaction technology includes augmented reality (AR) head-mounted displays (HMDs). While controllers remain the most common …

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FPGA Accelerators in the Cloud

Speaker: Viktor Prasanna

With recent dramatic advances in Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), these devices are being used along with multi-core and novel …

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Wrangling supercomputers to do cutting-edge science: life as a Department of Energy researcher

Speaker: Erik Draeger

Want to follow cancer cells through a patient’s bloodstream? Design new materials that will result in better, more efficient batteries? …

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Serverless-Edge Computing for Machine Learning Applications: Architecture, Solutions, and Future Directions

Speaker: Boyuan Guan

Over the past decade, the popularity of machine learning applications such as recommender systems, image recognition, real-time alerts, event detection, …

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