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Raju Rangaswami Portrait

Systems Research Laboratory: An Overview

Speaker: Raju Rangaswami

The Systems Research Laboratory (SyLab) at FIU conducts research in the area of Operating Systems. This talk will provide an …

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Ning Xie Portrait

Fourier sparse functions and Log-rank XOR conjecture

Speaker: Ning Xie

Probably the most important open problem in communication complexity is the so-called “Log-rank conjecture”, which asserts that the deterministic communication …

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Leonardo Bobadilla Portrait

Planning For Mobile Robots in Sensor, Communication, and Model Challenged Environments

Speaker: Leonardo Bobadilla

Several essential domains of Mobile Robotics such as surveillance, oceanic exploration, environmental monitoring, automated construction, and battlefield awareness require filtering …

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Jason Liu Portrait

ModLab research on high-performance modeling and simulation of computer systems and networks

Speaker: Jason Liu

ModLab at FIU conducts research in performance modeling and simulation of complex systems. Many of these systems, such as computer …

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Photo of Dr. Frank Krueger

Towards a NeuroPsychoEconomics Model of Interpersonal Trust

Speaker: Frank Krueger

Trust pervades nearly every social aspect of our daily lives and penetrates all human social interactions from interpersonal, institutional, and …

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Safeguarding User Privacy in the CPS Energy Systems

Speaker: Dong Chen

The rise of the Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) holds great promise to transform people’s lives by making society more efficient in …

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