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Toward Explainable AI in Computer Systems and Public Policy

Speaker: Farzana Beente Yusuf

Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have led to spectacular innovations and sophisticated systems for tasks that were thought to be …

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Inducing Stereotypical Character Roles from Plot Structure

Speaker: Labiba Jahan

If we are to understand stories, we must understand characters: characters are central to every narrative and drive the action …

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Automated Behavioral Analysis of Sequential Data for System Anomaly Detection

Speaker: Jayesh Soni

In recent years with the advancement of technology, cybersecurity has become a significant concern due to the high level of …

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Transforming User Requirements to Test Cases using Model-Driven Software Engineering

Speaker: Sai Chaithra Allala

Testing continues to be the major approach to ensuring the quality of software during development. Although there have been many …

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Self-Testing of Microservices at Runtime

Speaker: Juan Pablo Sotomayor Paez

The popularity of the microservices architecture to create loosely coupled large-scale systems, along with the increase in deployment frequency of …

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An AI-Driven Approach For Context-Aware Online Test Generation

Speaker: Dionny Santiago

Achieving high software quality today involves manual analysis, test planning, documentation of testing strategy and test cases, and the development …

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