Upcoming Lectures

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AI Canonical Architecture and Robust AI

Speaker: David R. Martinez

This presentation addresses an AI canonical architecture suitable for a number of different classes of applications. Several examples will be …

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Photo of Samuel Gershman

Using video games to reverse engineer human intelligence

Speaker: Samuel Gershman

Video games have recently become a popular platform to test reinforcement learning algorithms, which sometimes achieve human-level performance. But do …

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Past Lectures

Deep Learning for Deep Learning for Representation, and it’s Application for Natural Language Processing

Speaker: Shekoofeh Mokhtari

As the web evolves even faster than expected, the exponential growth of data becomes overwhelming. Textual data is being generated …

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A Model-Based AI-Driven Test Generation System

Speaker: Dionny Santiago

Achieving high software quality today involves manual analysis, test planning, documentation of testing strategy and test cases, and development of …

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Photo of Qing Wang

Intelligent Data Mining Techniques for Automatic Service Management

Speaker: Qing Wang

Today, IT performance plays a critical factor in the success of a business. As more and more industries are involved …

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Predictive Modeling of Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis and Prognosis

Speaker: Maryamossadat Aghili

Alzheimer‘s Diseases (AD) is an irreversible and progressive neurodegenerative disorder whose manifestations include memory loss, confusion, and cognitive impairment that …

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A Method and Tool for Finding Concurrency Bugs Involving Multiple Variables with Application to Modern Distributed Systems

Speaker: Zhuo Sun

Concurrency bugs are extremely hard to detect due to huge interleaving space. They are happening in the real world more …

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Photo of Robert M. Szabo (Bob)

Quantum Computing and IBM Q: An Introduction

Speaker: Robert M. Szabo, Ph.D.

Though early in its development, quantum computing is now available on real hardware via the cloud through IBM Q. This …

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