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Applications of Quantitative Information Flow to Property-Revealing Encryption and Differential Privacy

Speaker: Mireya Jurado

Across our digital lives, two powerful forces of data utility and data privacy push and pull against each other. In …

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An Evolutionary Optimization Algorithm for Automated Classical Machine Learning

Speaker: Leila Zahedi

Building a useful machine learning model is a challenging process, requiring human expertise to perform various proper tasks and ensure …

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A Bayesian Programming Approach to Car-following Model Calibration and Validation using Limited Data

Speaker: Franklin Abodo

Traffic simulation software is used by transportation researchers and engineers to design, and evaluate the efficacy of, changes intended to …

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Anomaly Detection in Sequential Data: A Deep Learning-Based Approach

Speaker: Jayesh Soni

Anomaly Detection has been researched in various domains with several applications in intrusion detection, fraud detection, system health management, and …

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Speaker: Roger Boza

Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) is a type of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) designed explicitly for processing unstructured data, such as …

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Privacy Preserving Data Fusion, Filtering, and Planning for High Spatio-temporal Resolution Environmental Monitoring

Speaker: Cesar Rojas

Environmental parameters (e.g., water quality, vegetation, and weather) measuring, monitoring, and estimation are critical for threat detection and mitigation. As …

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