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Frank Chang headshot

Terahertz Systems-on-Chip Based on Nanotechnologies

Speaker: Dr. Frank Chang

There is an increased interest in recent time to explore mm-Wave and Sub-mm-Wave (Terahertz) systems from 60-1000GHz (i.e. up to …

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Magy Seif El-Nasr photo image

Procedural and Analytic Tools for the Development and Evaluation of Game Environments

Speaker: Magy Seif El-Nasr

Interactive 3D environments, games and social media, are emerging as platforms used for entertainment, education, training, and crowdsourcing. The design …

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Wei Xue photo

Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis on Review Data

Speaker: Wei Xue

With proliferation of user-generated reviews, new opportunities and challenges arise. The advance of Web technologies allows people easily access a …

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Wubai Zhou photo

Data Mining Techniques to Understand Textual Data

Speaker: Wubai Zhou

More than ever, information delivery online and storage heavily rely on text. Billions of texts are produced every day in …

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Leonardo Marmol headshop

Customized Interfaces for Modern Storage Systems

Speaker: Leonardo Marmol

In the past decade, we have seen two major evolutions on storage technologies: flash storage and non-volatile memory. These storage …

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Mohammad headshot

Rethinking the operating system for persistent memory

Speaker: Mohammad Chowdhury

Modern operating systems have been designed around the hypotheses that (a) memory is both byte-addressable and volatile and (b) storage …

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