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Accelerating HPC Applications Using Machine Learning-based Approximation

Speaker: Wenqian Dong

Neural network-based approximation, aiming to use neural networks to approximate some computation in applications or generate meaningful initial states of …

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Mustafa Ocal

Temporal Analysis of Narratives: Timelines, TimeML Evaluation, and Durations

Speaker: Mustafa Ocal

Narratives are sequence of events and one important way to understand narratives is to interpret events’ order (i.e. timeline). However, …

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Denoising and Integrating Complex Networks for Big Data Analysis

Speaker: Dongsheng Luo

Graphs are prevalent in various domains to describe complex relationships among entities and have been used widely in many real-world …

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Security and privacy in critical applications and services

Speaker: Ruimin Sun

Nowadays, the security community is facing challenges from not only lone individuals, but also organizations with strategic agendas, which have …

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A Law of Small Numbers for Distributed Information Processing, Classification, and Inference

Speaker: Farhad Shirani

Binary classifiers appear in various applications such as learning, estimation, data compression, and hypothesis testing. A binary classifier computes a …

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Applications of Quantitative Information Flow to Property-Revealing Encryption and Differential Privacy

Speaker: Mireya Jurado

Across our digital lives, two powerful forces of data utility and data privacy push and pull against each other. In …

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