Naveen Ashish

Chief Data Sciences Officer | InferLink Corp

Lecture Information:
  • March 29, 2019
  • 2:00 PM
  • CASE 241
Photo of Naveen Ashish

Speaker Bio

Naveen Ashish heads data sciences at InferLink Corp, with a mission of bringing state-of-the-art data science solutions to real-world applications of national and societal relevance. Driven by data, the solution domains encompass areas in homeland security, emergency management and disaster response, information search and retrieval, biomedical research, and health informatics.

Dr. Ashish is an expert in the development and application of artificial intelligence techniques such as machine/deep learning, natural language processing, and semantics. He is a pioneer in the particular domain of biomedical data science having, held founding and key roles at clinical translational science centers and many key biomedical research initiatives (such ‘BIRN’, ‘GAAIN’, ‘BD2K’ and others). He has authored over a hundred technical research papers at top conferences and journals and has written two books.

Ashish started his career as an R&D computer scientist at NASA Ames Research Center and then went on to UC Irvine and later USC as a faculty member in biomedical informatics. He was the founding director of data sciences at the Fred Hutch Cancer Center where he built the center’s seminal biomedical data sciences group. He has served as Consulting Chief Data Scientist to two Silicon Valley-based start-up companies in health informatics and text analytics has been an expert technical consultant to over ten companies and is currently on the advisory boards of two data analytics start-up companies. He got his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Southern California (Information Sciences Institute) and a BTech, also in Computer Science, from IIT Kanpur (India).



The focus of this talk is on select R&D to commercialization projects in the area of artificial intelligence and data science. The presentation reflects the perspective and experience of a research-driven AI and data science solutions company and spin-off incubator. We will cover some select R&D and commercialization projects from different solution areas such as data-driven vulnerability and threat assessment for communities, mobile-driven health engagement, social-media psychographic analysis, semantic search and retrieval, and machine-reading of medical research literature. These solutions initiated with government-funded research (defense, homeland security, and health services agencies) and have progressed to industrial strength commercial products, as well as open-source software and services used by government agencies and large companies in different areas. We will present the motivating needs for these solutions, and our approach to developing such solutions by innovation in computer science areas such as automated information extraction and natural language processing (NLP), data integration technologies, information semantics or knowledge graphs, and machine learning. Finally, we will touch upon current and real-world applications of some of these solutions.