Jerry Miller

Ph.D. Candidate

Lecture Information:
  • March 13, 2023
  • 9:00 AM
  • CASE 349 & Zoom
Jerry Miller Portrait

Speaker Bio

Jerry Miller is a Ph.D. candidate in the Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences at Florida International University (FIU), who works with Dr. Iyengar and Dr. Pissinou in the areas of digital forensics, telecommunications, networking, security, and privacy. He has authored or co-authored several research papers.


The need for fast and reliable flying ad hoc network (FANET) communication becomes increasingly important as drone technology becomes ever cheaper, easier to produce and acquire, and as innovative applications are introduced. FANETs are characterized by transient and decentralized three-dimensional topologies which exacerbate the problems of routing collisions, congestion, and transmission delays. Routing protocols used in this environment must be capable of reliable communications with connections that frequently form and break as the vehicles move in and out of range of one another. Many traditional and new routing protocols have been evaluated, however, there are no consistent simulations and most are in 2-D rather than 3-D simulations.

In this dissertation, we present a comparison conducted in ns-3 of 10 likely protocols to be used in FANETs and apply the simulations in larger scales than previously simulated using nodes of 10, 30, 50, or more to provide baseline comparisons. We investigate shortfalls in 2-D vs 3-D performance. We also investigate secure multipath planning and present two new protocols and an improved, extended protocol to address identified limitations. Finally, we study and improve the Gauss-Markov three-dimensional mobility model, offering a novel categorization of FANET vehicles based on aeronautical design and velocities and an improved environmental factor to account for winds and turbulence which provides simulations more realistic of operational conditions.