David Martinez

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Lecture Information:
  • November 30, 2017
  • 2:30 PM
  • ECS 349
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Speaker Bio

David R. Martinez is associate head in the Cyber Security and Information Sciences Division at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. In this capacity, he is focusing on the strategic and innovative directions of the division in the areas of artificial intelligence, cyber resilient systems, big data analytics, high performance embedded computing and cloud computing. He is a member of MIT Lincoln Laboratory’s Steering Committee. He has served on a dual-hatted role as the Laboratory’s CIO. He co-authored/co-edited the book entitled High Performance Embedded Computing Handbook: A Systems Perspective (CRC, 2008). In 2003, he was elected IEEE Fellow “for technical leadership in the development of high performance embedded computing for real-time defense systems.” Mr. Martinez was awarded a bachelor’s degree from New Mexico State University, an MS degree from MIT, and the EE degree jointly from MIT and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. He completed an MBA from the Southern Methodist University, is fluent in Spanish, and is also an avid saltwater fisherman, golfer, and outdoorsman.


Cyber technologies are evolving at a very fast pace commensurate with the need to respond to cyber threats. This presentation addresses examples of cyber threat vectors (from the literature) and representative technologies. One important aspect of developing cyber technologies is employing cyber metrics. The presentation addresses a notional metric to assess the impact of cyber system attacks and defenses. Examples from recent literature are discussed of cyber systems impacted by major cyber breaches. We conclude with recommended long-term research to address some of the most significant challenges.