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Multivariate Subset Sensor Selection Optimization for Environmental Monitoring

Speaker: Aurelien Meray

Environmental monitoring plays a vital role in understanding and managing our natural environment. With the advent of sensor technologies and …

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Advances and Open Problems in AI-Generated Content (AIGC)

Speaker: Lichao Sun

Recently, ChatGPT, along with DALL-E-2 and Codex,has been gaining significant attention from society. As a result, many individuals have become …

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Computational analysis of interactomes: Challenges, solutions, and opportunities

Speaker: Tamer Kahveci

Biological networks of an organism show how different bio-chemical entities, such as enzymes or genes interact with each other to …

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Deep Learning Strategies To Investigate Protein Binding

Speaker: Vitalii Aleksandr Stebliankin

The binding of proteins plays an essential role in most critical biological processes. Investigating methods to study protein binding is …

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Improving the Performance and Reliability of Systems with Emerging Memory and Storage Devices

Speaker: Adnan Maruf

Performance and Reliability are two key aspects of the system requirements. Thus, improvement of performance and reliability is one of …

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Machine Learning System Development Life Cycle – State of the Art

Speaker: Sajjan Shiva

Machine Learning (ML) has now taken over as the preferred method for building intelligent applications. Correspondingly, since ML systems are …

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