Upcoming Lectures

Robust Distributed Coordination of Loads for Providing Virtual Energy

Speaker: Prabir Barooah

As we move away from fossil fuels toward renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, inexpensive energy storage technologies …

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How to Make a Better Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer (DDFS)

Speaker: Alan Willson

This talk provides essential information on direct digital synthesizers (DDS)–also known as DDFS and numerically controlled oscillators (NCO).  We begin …

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Climate Change and National Security

Speaker: Yannis Phillis

Anthropogenic climate change is causing many dangerous phenomena such as hot spells, floods, droughts, hurricanes, acidification of oceans, sea level …

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IHMC Research: Natural Language Processing, Cyber Security, and Big Data

Speaker: Bonnie Dorr

Natural language researchers and data scientists apply a multitude of techniques for analysis and extraction of knowledge from potentially massive …

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Past Lectures

Streaming and Sketching Algorithms and Their Applications

Speaker: Vladimir Braverman

Streaming and sketching algorithms have found applications in machine learning, astronomy, medicine, networking, natural language processing and other disciplines. The …

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Analysis of Eye-Tracking Data in Visualization and Data Space

Speaker: Sayeed Safayet Alam

Eye-tracking devices can tell us where on the screen a person is looking. Researchers frequently analyze eye-tracking data manually, by …

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Georges Arsene Kamhoua photo

Colluding Attacks Defense Techniques in Online Social Networks and Crowdsourcing

Speaker: Georges Arsene Kamhoua

Online Social Networks (OSNs) and crowdsourcing services have rapidly grown into a wide network and offer users a variety of …

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Abdur Rahman Bin Shahid photo

Location Privacy

Speaker: Abdur Rahman Bin Shahid

With the rapid advancement of GPS technology, we have observed a tremendous growth of Location-Based Services (LBS). Users enjoy a …

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Samia Tasnim photo

Cleaning of Data Streams in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks

Speaker: Samia Tasnim

In mobile Wireless Sensor Networks (mWSNs), uncertainty is a common phenomenon, where sensors change their positions rapidly and unpredictably. Although …

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Frank Chang headshot

Terahertz Systems-on-Chip Based on Nanotechnologies

Speaker: Dr. Frank Chang

There is an increased interest in recent time to explore mm-Wave and Sub-mm-Wave (Terahertz) systems from 60-1000GHz (i.e. up to …

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