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Technical Interviews: Another Barrier to Broadening Participation in Computing?

Speaker: Stephanie J. Lunn

What does it take to obtain a position in the computing industry? Although anecdotally we hear “hiring is broken,” empirical …

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Speaker: Ahmed Imteaj

The ubiquitous nature of IoT devices causes huge data streams due to their widespread applications. Storing and processing such vast …

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A Flexible Framework To Optimize The Hybrid Cloud System For Big Data Streaming Applications

Speaker: Boyuan Guan

In Hybrid Cloud computing environments, computing resources and distributed storage spaces are supplied through multiple cloud computing providers and mixed …

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Collaborative Exploration for Multi-Robots

Speaker: Naadir M. Kirlew

Multi-Robot collaboration has become a topic of great interest as problems have become more complex and technology has improved to …

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Non-Datapath Caches

Speaker: Steven G. Lyons Jr.

Conventionally, caching algorithms have been designed for the datapath — the levels of memory that data must contain the data …

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Kemafor Anyanwu

Semantics At The Heart Of The “Big Data” Matter

Speaker: Kemafor Anyanwu (Ogan)

Fundamental to automating decision making in many application domains is the ability to analyze Big Data. However, maximizing the value …

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