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Inducing Stereotypical Character Roles via Clustering with Plot Information

Speaker: Labiba Jahan

If we are to understand stories, we must understand characters: characters are central to every narrative and drive the action …

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Photo of Bruce Maggs

The Web PKI in Theory and Malpractice

Speaker: Bruce Maggs

The Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for the web was designed to help thwart “phishing” attacks by providing a mechanism for …

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Photo of Kimon Valavanis

Modeling and Navigation Controller Design of a Circulation Control Fixed-Wing UAV

Speaker: Kimon Valavanis

Circulation Control (CC) is an effective technique that allows for increasing lift and improving the aerodynamic efficiency of Unmanned Aerial …

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Pace-Matching Data Access: A dynamic, multi-layered memory system design

Speaker: Xian-He Sun

Computing has changed from compute-centric to data-centric. From deep-learning to visualization, data access becomes the main performance concern of computing. …

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Photo of Shiqiang Wang

Federated Machine Learning in Resource-Constrained Edge Computing Systems

Speaker: Shiqiang Wang

Emerging technologies and applications including the Internet of Things (IoT), social networking, and crowd-sourcing generate a large amount of data …

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Exploiting the Spam Correlations in Scalable Online Social Spam Detection

Speaker: Hailu Xu

The huge amount of social spam from large-scale social networks has been a common phenomenon in the world. The majority …

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