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Photo of Dylan Shell

Tales of Robots with Tails

Speaker: Dylan Shell

In this talk, I’ll describe a recent line of our work in which we’ve looked at robots equipped with passive, …

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Self-Adaptable Framework to Analyse and Evaluate the Behavior of Entities in Commercial Online System

Speaker: Thejas Gubbi Sadashiva

In online commercial systems like e-commerce it is difficult to differentiate honest and dishonest entities as they are dynamic in …

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Photo of Mingming Guo

User-Centric Privacy Preservation in Mobile and Location-Aware Applications

Speaker: Mingming Guo

The mobile and wireless community has brought a significant growth of location-aware devices including smart phones, connected vehicles, and IoT …

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Photo of Vijay Dhir

Educating Tomorrows Engineers including Entrepreneurship and Numerical Simulation of Boiling Heat Transfer under Different Gravity Levels

Speaker: Vijay Dhir

Engineering education is going through a change in pedagogy and modes of delivery. In the first part of this talk …

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Photo of Stephanie Willett

Overview of DHS Science and Technology Directorate

Speaker: Stephanie Willett

Ms. Willett will provide an overview of major responsibilities of DHS S&T and will identify ways that academia have contributed …

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Mohammad Ataur Rahman Chowdhury headshot

Rethinking the I/O Stack for Persistent Memory

Speaker: Mohammad Ataur Rahman Chowdhury

Modern operating systems have been designed around the hypotheses that (a) memory is both byte-addressable and volatile and (b) storage …

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