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A Deep Learning Approach for Predicting User Attrition Augmented with Contextual Features

Speaker: Victor Potapenko

The complexity of modeling entity behavior with deep learning is proportional to sophistication of entity decision making ability within a …

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Photo of Lan Wang

IoT and Edge Computing in Named Data Networking

Speaker: Lan Wang

The Named Data Networking (NDN, http://named-data.net) project aims to develop a new Internet architecture to better support mobility, security, and …

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Photo of Naveen Ashish

AI and Data, for Good

Speaker: Naveen Ashish

The focus of this talk is on select R&D to commercialization projects in the area of artificial intelligence and data …

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Detection and Prevention of Abuse in Online Social Networks

Speaker: Sajedul Talukder

Adversaries leverage social networks to collect sensitive data about regular users and target them with abuse that includes fake news, …

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Geographic Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Speaker: Liangdong Deng

As the widespread use of GPS enabled personal digital devices like cellphones, tablets, smart watches and smart home devices, the …

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Photo of Ryan Smith, Associate Professor of Department of Physics and Engineering Fort Lewis College

Navigation and Localization in Spatiotemporally Evolving Environments

Speaker: Ryan Smith

With existing aquatic robots having endurances ranging from a few days to months, a core challenge is predicting or deciding …

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