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Distributed Machine Learning Algorithms for Resource-Constrained Heterogeneous Internet-of-Things Environments

Speaker: Ahmed Imteaj

With the improvement of network infrastructures and the advancement of IoT technologies, it is crucial to perform computation at the …

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Technical tools for the use of stochastic processes in prognostics

Speaker: Zeina AL MASRY

Safety and dependability are a crucial issue in many industries, which has led to the development of a huge literature …

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Communicating with Culture: How Humans and Machines Detect Narrative Elements

Speaker: W. Victor H. Yarlott

To understand how people communicate, we must understand how they leverage shared stories and all the knowledge, information, and associations …

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Detecting the Emotion of Animate Beings in Narrative

Speaker: Samira Zad

Identifying emotions as expressed in text (a.k.a. text emotion recognition) has received a lot of attention over the past decade. …

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A Machine Learning Framework for Identifying Molecular Biomarkers from Transcriptomic Cancer Data

Speaker: Md Abdullah Al Mamun

Cancer is a complex molecular process due to abnormal changes in the genome, such as mutation and copy number variation, …

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Scattering Anomalies: Recent Breakthroughs and Quantum Applications

Speaker: Aleksandr Krasnok

Scattering of light is a ubiquitous process that has driven human minds’ curiosity for thousands of years, from ancient Greek …

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