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Mayhem Makers: A researcher’s guide to hacking cars in the real world

Speaker: David Brumley

The worldwide integration of electrical and autonomous cars brings a new potential for attackers to find and exploit new vulnerabilities …

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Designing to Support Resilience among Aging Population

Speaker: Novia Nurain

As the world population progressively ages, technology plays a crucial role in managing healthcare, well-being, and support to promote Quality …

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Object-level Planning: Bridging the Gap between Human Knowledge and Task and Motion Planning

Speaker: David Paulius

A fundamental obstacle to developing autonomous, goal-directed robots lies in grounding high-level knowledge (from various sources like language models, recipe …

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Causal Machine Learning: Continuous Structure Learning and Identifiability of Causal Invariances

Speaker: Kevin Bello

Interpretability and causality are key desiderata in modern machine learning systems. Graphical models, and more specifically directed acyclic graphs (DAGs, …

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Moving Object Database System and Application

Speaker: Guangqiang Zhao

Moving object database (MOD) is a spatiotemporal database that manages objects with continuously changing locations over time. MOD has many …

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Flash Caching for Cloud Computing Systems

Speaker: Dulcardo Arteaga

As the size of cloud systems and the number of hosted virtual machines (VM)s rapidly grow, the scalability of shared …

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