Upcoming Lectures

The Case for Microgestures in Augmented Reality

Speaker: Francisco Ortega

The next wave of human-computer interaction technology includes augmented reality (AR) head-mounted displays (HMDs). While controllers remain the most common …

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Past Lectures

A Multidimensional Blockchain Framework For Mobile Internet of Things

Speaker: Hussein Zangoti

The age of combining sensing, processing and communication in moving, resource-constrained physical devices that connect and exchange data with other …

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Advanced High-Performance Computing and Machine-Learning Methods to Solve Problems in Network Neuroscience

Speaker: Oswaldo Artiles

Oswaldo Artiles is a Ph.D. candidate at the Knight Foundation School of Computing & Information Sciences (KFSCIS) at Florida International …

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Mitigating Adversarial Perturbations in Machine Learning Models in the Presence of Uncertainty

Speaker: Sheila Alemany

Machine learning (ML) models have achieved significant performance because of their ability to generalize information from the training data. This …

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“Am I smart enough to be a computer scientist?”: Mindset, identity, & broadening participation from inside the classroom

Speaker: Jasmine Batten

Over the past several decades, computing fields have been growing and increasing in occupational demand for educated computing professionals. The …

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Secure Multi-Robot Computation for Heterogeneous Teams: Foundations and Applications

Speaker: Murtadha Alsayegh

The robotics research community has made substantial progress in planning, controlling, and coordinating multi-robot systems in recent years. Robots have …

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Next Generation In-band Full Duplex Radios

Speaker: Satheesh Bojja Venkatakrishnan

Our reliance on wireless links and communications has become an integral part of our everyday life by facilitating reliable and …

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