Eric Johnson

Florida International University

Lecture Information:
  • February 2, 2018
  • 2:00 PM
  • ECS 241

Speaker Bio

Eric Johnson has been Network and Systems Administrator for FIU SCIS for over 20 years. Before a trailing spouse issue brought him to FIU he was at UF in CS/ENG/Astronomy in that order. Eric has been working with IP protocols for over 30 years and was part of the team that brought the first IP connection to UF in 1987. In addition to Systems and Networking for SCIS, Eric is also an Adjunct Instructor (teaching networking) and was the founding network engineer that designed and built the FIU AMPATH project and FIU’s Internet 2 connection.


FIU SCIS has had IPv6 connectivity in some fashion for over 15 years now. I will talk about the what IPv6 is, and it’s history and current use in the FIU SCIS department.