Greg Shaw

Senior Instructor

1992 M.S., Barry University

A graduate of the FIU School of Computer Science, Greg has served as an Adjunct Professor, Visiting Instructor, Instructor, and now Senior Instructor.   In his 28 years at FIU, Greg has taught introductory and intermediate level programming courses to well over 8000 students in seven different programming languages utilizing a wide variety of programming paradigms: including Procedural Programming (Fortran and Basic), Visual/Interactive Programming (Visual Basic), Structured Programming (Pacal), Abstract Data Type Programming (ADA), and Object-Oriented Programming (C++ and Java).  In addition, Greg has taught several CGS courses covering microcomputer applications such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Access.

Joslyn Smith

Senior Instructor

1994 M.S., Computer Science, University of New Brunswick

Joslyn Smith, an instructor, joined the School of Computing and Information Sciences, Florida International University in 1997. Joslyn came to FIU with fourteen years of teaching experience from the University of the West Indies, as a lecturer in computer science, in the undergraduate program. Mr. Smith holds an M.S and a B.S in mathematics both from Central Connecticut State University, CT. He earned an M.S degree in computer science from the University of New Brunswick Canada, and a non-degree Certificate in computer science from Clarke University, Massachusetts. Mr. Smith also holds a professional certificate in teacher education from the Mico University College, Jamaica. At FIU, Mr. Smith’s major focus in programming language is the object oriented paradigm. Over the years he has attended many conferences on computer science education. He has served as reviewer for the SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education and has reviewed several manuscripts for major publishers such as McGraw Hill and Prentice Hall.

Jill Weiss

Senior Instructor

1992 M.S. Computer Science Education, Barry University

Professor Weiss received her M.S. in Computer Science Education from Barry
University in 1992, and has worked in the computer industry since 1985 in
different capacities, mostly in computer education. She has been involved
in all facets of the computer industry, including hardware/software
installation, repair, trouble shooting, consulting, programming, and
(multi-unit) managing training centers for a major Fortune 100 retailer.
Professor Weiss worked as a computer consultant/trainer for several large
companies and has trained users from various county and government

Professor Weiss has been teaching in the School of Computing and
Information Sciences since 1989 as an adjunct, and since 1999 as a
fulltime faculty member, and was promoted to Senior Instructor in 2012.
She primarily teaches the School’s service courses and since 2000, she has
provided World’s Ahead instruction to over 20,000 FIU students. She is the
recipient of the School of Computing and Information Science’s Excellence
in Teaching award in 2008 and 2013 and the FIU University Excellence in
Teaching award in 2015.