List of SCIS Current Funded Projects in 2017-2018

SCIS Faculty Title Agency Amount Duration
Alex Afanasyev (PI) ICN-WEN: Collaborative Research: ICN-Enabled Secure Edge Networking with Augmented Reality UCLA/NSF & Intel $195,000 2017-2020
Bogdan Carbunar (PI), Debra Davis (Co-PI) EAGER: Digital Interventions for Reducing Social Networking Risks in Adolescents NSF $216,540 2014-2017
Bogdan Carbunar (PI) TWC: Small: Collaborative: Cracking Down Online Deception Ecosystems NSF $261,652 2015-2018
Bogdan Carbunar (PI) CSR: Small: Collaborative Research: Sensorprint: Hardware-Enforced Information Authentication for Mobile Systems NSF $249,652 2015-2018
Bogdan Carbunar (PI) Secure Fraud Detection and Attribution in Online Systems FC2 $25,000 2017-2018
Shu-Ching Chen (Co-PI) Public Hurricane Loss Model Florida Dept. of Insurance Regulation $969,689 2017-2018
Shu-Ching Chen (Co-PI), Scott Graham (Sr. Inv.), Tao Li (Former Sr. Inv.) CREST: Center for Aquatic Chemistry and the Environment (CAChE) NSF $2,280,154 2016-2021
Shu-Ching Chen (Co-PI) Hurricane Catastrophe Fund 2015-2020 State Board of Admin., Florida $40,200 2015-2020
Shu-Ching Chen (Co-PI) Public Hurricane Loss Model Florida Dept. of Insurance Regulation $2,668,259 2013-2017
Shu-Ching Chen (Co-PI) Florida Public Hurricane Loss Model Project Model Enhancements to Estimate Losses from Storm Surge and Flooding FL Dept. of Insurance Regulation $5,636,600 2013-2017
Shu-Ching Chen (PI), Steve Luis (Co-PIs), Tao Li (Former PI) BDD: Data-Driven Critical Information Exchange in Disaster Affected Public-Private Networks NSF $315,998 2015-2019
Peter Clarke (PI), Bogdan Carbunar, Francisco Ortega (Co-PIs) Using a Cyberlearning Environment to Enhance Critical Cybersecurity Education FGCU/FC2 $71,322 2017-2018
Peter Clarke (PI), Debra Davis, Geoffrey Potvin, Mandayam Thirunarayanan (Co-PIs) Collaborative Research: Engaged Student Learning – Design and Development Level II: Using a Cyberlearning Environment to Improve Student Learning and Engagement in Software Courses NSF $821,954 2015-2019
Mark Finlayson (PI) Narratives in the Informational Patient Society and their Association with Health UCLA/NIH $230,000 2014-2018
Mark Finlayson (PI) Detecting and Aligning Narrative Variants for Countering Disinformation ONR $400,000 2017-2019
Mark Finlayson (PI) CAREER: Learning Multi-Level Narrative Structure NSF $122,499 2018-2023
Mark Finlayson (PI) PERFECTA: Politeness-based Evaluation of Regard for Finding Efforts to Create Trust and Affiliation SIFT/DARPA $50,000 2018
Martha Gutierrez (PI) ITPA Access and Integration with UTMA Operations Center UTMA/FDOT $19,550 2018
Xudong He (PI) An Adaptive Evolutionary Computing Based Runtime Checker AAMU/AFRL $349,259 2015-2018
S. S. Iyengar (PI), Bogdan Carbunar, Jerry Miller, Deng Pan, Niki Pissinou (Co-PIs), Leonardo Bobadilla, Michael Robinson (Sr. Inv.) Research, Education and Workforce Training for Engagement in the Cyber-learning Environment Army Research Office $339,957 2017-2018
S. S. Iyengar (PI), Niki Pissinou (Co-PI) A game theoretic approach to self-configuring, non-cooperative mobile sensors for monitoring moving targets Army Research Office $589 ,000 2015-2018
Christine Lisetti (PI), Mark Williams (Co-PI) CHS: Small: Advanced Design Principles for Computer Simulated Agents NSF $545,618 2014-2019
Christine Lisetti (PI), Stacey Frazier (Co-PI) Interactive Virtual Training (IVT) for Early Career Teachers in High Poverty Schools Rutgers University / US Dept. of Education $387,522 2015-2019
Jason Liu (PI) EAGER: SwitchOn – Exploring and Strengthening US-Brazil Collaborations in Future Internet Research NSF $200,000 2014-2018
Jason Liu (PI) Scalable Discrete Event Simulation for Performance Prediction US Dept. of Energy LLNL $251,999 2015-2018
Jason Liu (PI) Security Analyses and Applications of Complex Networks: From Theory to Practice USF FC2 $25,000 2016-2017
Jason Liu (PI), Leonardo Bobadilla, Bogdan Carbunar, Mark Finlayson, Scott Graham, Liting Hu, S.S. Iyengar, Monique Ross, Ning Xie (Co-PIs) Center for Advancing Education and Studies on Critical Infrastructures Resilience (CAESCIR) DHS $1,200,000 2017-2022
Giri Narasimhan (PI) Multi-Disciplinary High Performance Computing and STEM Education ARO $498,691 2016-2017
Niki Pissinou (PI), S.S. Iyengar (Co-PI) RET in Engineering and Computer Science SITE: Research Experience for Teachers on Cyber-Enabled Technologies NSF $600,000 2018-2021
Niki Pissinou (PI), S.S. Iyengar (Co-PI) REU SITE: ASSET: Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Advanced Secured Sensor Enabling Technologies NSF $360,000 2016-2019
Niki Pissinou (PI), S.S. Iyengar (Co-PI) RET in Engineering and Computer Science SITE: Research Experience for Teachers on Cyber-Enabled Technologies NSF $498,000 2014-2018
Niki Pissinou (PI) Using Trajectory Sensor Data Stream Cleaning to Ensure the Survivability of Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks in Cyberspace AFOSR $453,688 2014-2017
Raju Rangaswami (PI) CSR: Small: Non-blocking Writes NSF $513,367 2013-2017
Raju Rangaswami (PI), Jason Liu, Giri Narasimhan (Co-PIs) CSR: Medium: Collaborative Research: NVM-enabled Host-side Caches NSF $648,107 2016-2019
Raju Rangaswami (PI) SHF: Small: Vertically Integrated Persistence NSF $458,000 2017-2020
Naphtali Rishe (PI), Tao Li (Former Co-PI) III: Large: Collaborative Research: Moving Objects Databases for Exploration of Virtual and Real Environments NSF $1,363,000 2012-2019
Naphtali Rishe (PI), Scott Graham, S.S. Iyengar (Co-PIs) I/UCRC: Phase II: Center for Advanced Knowledge Enablement NSF $884,750 2013-2019
Naphtali Rishe (PI) – CFO Kenneth Jessell is Institutional Lead UniversityCity Prosperity Project USDOT $11.4M 2014-2019
Naphtali Rishe (PI), Abraham Kandel, S.S. Iyengar, Tao Li, Malek Adjouadi (Co-PIs) MRI: Development of an Instrument for Acquisition, Management, and Analysis of Super-resolution Aerial Imagery NSF $398,000 2014-2019
Naphtali Rishe (Co-PI) MRI: Development of an Integrated Neuroimaging Instrument with Temporal and Spatial Alignments for Brain Research NSF $3,955,110 2015-2020
Monique Ross (PI) Understanding the Implications of Online Learning and Engagement Strategies with Elements of Competition on Women Students’ Engagement and Fit with Computer Science NSF $300,000 2017-2020
Monique Ross (PI) EAGER: Demystifying the Engineering and Computer Science Underrepresentation Problem: Understanding the Pathways to and through these Disciplines for Black and Hispanic Women NSF $71,206 2017-2018
S. Masoud Sadjadi (PI) Vertically Integrated Program at FIU Georgia Institute of Technology / Helmsley Trust $262,087 2015-2018
Geoffrey Smith (PI) Cyber Resilience for Injection Attacks USF FC2 $50,000 2015-2017
Geoffrey Smith (PI) EAGER: Collaborative: Quantifying Information Leakage in Searchable Encryption NSF $75,000 2018-2019
Mark Weiss (PI), Monique Ross (Co-PI) Collaborative Research: Florida IT Pathways to Success (Flit-Path) NSF $1,944,118 2016-2021
Ning Xie (PI) AF: Small: Local Computation Algorithms — New Directions and Techniques NSF $229,142 2014-2018
Wei Zeng (PI-transferred), Jason Liu (Sr. Inv.) Composing Security Services for Software-defined Networks USF FC2 $25,000 2016-2017
Wei Zeng (PI) EAGER: Computational Teichmuller Theory NSF $249,989 2015-2018

As of 6/08/2018