Safety Information

The following is a directory of the responsible units with the Division of Business & Finance to which you may direct questions and requests regarding the maintenance and condition of University facilities, personal safety and security issues, as well as your occupational health and safety concerns.

Public Safety Department

Routine Calls: 305-348-2626
University Park & CEAS Emergencies: 305-348-2911
Biscayne Bay Emergencies: 305-919-5911

  • Access to classrooms and University facilities
  • Security concerns
  • Any and all emergencies
    Please Note: Access to CEAS facilities may be obtained by contacting the Guard Booth at 305-348-1791.

Environmental Health & Safety

University Park & CEAS: 305-348-2621
Biscayne Bay Campus: 305-919-5225

  • Persistent odors, indoor air quality concerns or building conditions that create discomfort or health concerns.
  • Fire Safety concerns such as fire extinguishers replacement, checking occupancy limits and fire code requirements.
  • Testing of lab safety (hazard control) equipment
  • Requests for warning and safety signs
  • Facilities Safety hazards

Facilities Management

University Park: 305-348-4600
Biscayne Bay Campus: 305-919-5567

  • Air Conditioning Temperature extremes, i.e. too hot or too cold, in classrooms and offices. Failure of exhaust fans in restrooms or labs, excessive noise from air ducts or equipment, no air from duct vents, water condensation from ducts accumulating on ceiling or floor.
  • Cleaning Overflowing toilets or sinks, carpet stains or removal of excessive trash, excessive dirt or dust in classrooms or offices, insect problems (ant, bees, etc.)
  • Clocks Incorrect time, or stopped clocks in CLASSROOMS ONLY.
  • Electrical Loose sockets, burnt out bulbs, flickering fluorescent lamps, etc.
  • Elevator Malfunctions Stopping between floors, elevator not flush with the floor, inoperative devices etc.
  • Equipment and Supplies Relocation Services Moving FIU furniture, boxed files, instructional materials, typewriters, computers, etc. Please note that any request for relocation of FIU TAGGED equipment must be coordinated through the Property Control (348-2167).
  • Grounds/Parking Planters or gardens needing attention, broken tree branches, excessive leaves or debris on walkways or roads, standing water or lawns or parking lots, etc.
  • Installation/Repairs Shelves, bulletin boards, chalkboards, picture or wall hangers, etc.
  • Painting Touch-ups, rooms and halls (jobs are on a priority based painting schedule).
  • Repair Needs Walls with large cracks, broken windows, frayed carpet, broken doors and locks, broken light fixtures, broken restroom fixtures, broken desks, chairs, file cabinets, tables, etc.
  • Signs Posting outdoor signs knocked over or damaged signs.
  • Supplies Chalk and/or erasers for classrooms, easels, restroom paper products, soap, etc.
  • Utility Concerns Lighting failure, faulty electrical outlets, switches that do not function as intended, electrical outlets that spark , building odors, plumbing failures, water leaks, wet floors, etc.

Injury Reports & Medical Authorization

Please Note: The Office of Human Resources is your point of contact for authorization to obtain medical treatment for employee work-related injuries.

During regular work hours, the numbers to call for such authorization are as follows:

  • Office of Human Resources University Park & CEAS: 348-3515
  • Office of Human Resources North Campus: 919-5545

Authorization for medical, non-emergency, medical treatment for employee work-related injuries that may occur after “regular work hours” may be obtained by calling the Humana Workers’ Compensation Hotline at 1-800-424-6689. A follow- up call must be placed to the Office of Human Resources as soon as possible.

FIU-CIS Hurricane Preparation

To safeguard the School’s computer equipment the following procedures will be followed in the event of a hurricane.

During Hurricane season (June-November) the Director (Associate Director or designee) may issue an alert to the staff to prepare for an impending storm. The Lab Manager may use his master key (or one will be made available to him/her) to enter Faculty offices to begin preparations to safeguard computing equipment. The Director/designee will contact the Lab Manager with final instructions to begin securing the School’s equipment.

In the case where the Director/designee is unable to contact the Lab Manager, the Lab Manager shall report to campus when the National Weather Service issues a Hurricane Watch (36 hours before land-fall). If necessary, the Lab Manager will call in additional personnel to assist securing equipment. (If the Lab Manager is out-of-town, an alternate staff member will be designated to respond.)

If the hurricane passes without major incident to our area and the hurricane warning is lifted the lab manager will return to FIU. Additional personnel may be requested to assist in restarting systems. Damage assessment will occur during this period.

If, however, the area suffers severe damage the ability of lab personnel to return to FIU may be hampered. Communication with the above mentioned will be attempted. If that fails an attempt to reach the campus within 72 hours after the lifting of the Hurricane Warning will be made. If it is safe to enter the building damage assessment will occur and the systems restarted.

For more information, visit The International Hurricane Research Center in FIU