Undergraduate Paid Student Assistant Positions

About Paid Positions

The purpose of this website is to provide students with a one-stop site where several SCIS paid student assistantships can be found. The positions listed are assistantships in tutoring, grading and facilitating learning.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTA Graders) grade assignments under very close supervision of the instructor. Learning Assistants (LAs) facilitate learning by providing peer guidance in the classroom, peer assistance during lab time, and feedback to the instructor. Tutors have the option of working with the STARS program or the ASI program. Tutoring can be one-to-one, or more commonly, in a small group format led by a peer assistant.

Before applying to a position, please read the reference material in this website. The following link will take you to our SCIS CareerPath job board, where all positions are listed:
SCIS CareerPath
For more information, contact:

Mario Eraso
Email: meraso@cis.fiu.edu
Phone: (305)348-7985
Office: PG6-101-F


Learning Assistant (LA) Program
(Hagit Kornreich-Leshem)

STARS tutoring program
(Pat McDermott-Wells)

Academic Success Initiative (ASI) Tutoring Program
Please email Resume along with a filled out application to
(Myrian Herlle: mherlle@cis.fiu.edu)

Undergraduate Graders
(Mario Eraso)

IT Hardware and Services Lab
(Michael Robinson)