SCIS Services

Student Course Evaluation System (CES)

The Course Evaluation System (CES) is an online computer software system designed to conduct course evaluations at the end of every semester. During every semester’s evaluation period students can log in to submit evaluations for the computer science courses they are currently registered for. After the evaluation period is over, the system generates summary reports maintaining the participant’s anonymity. Instructors may review reports for the sections they have taught, while administrators can review all reports.
Access the system: CES

Instructor Course Appraisal (ICA)

The Instructor Course Appraisal (ICA) is an online software system that allows instructors to complete their surveys for the sections they are teaching during the ongoing semester, as well as to review their surveys entered during previous semesters. The system also permits administrators to modify the prerequisites and objectives corresponding to each course and to review all surveys entered by instructors.
Access the system: ICA

Faculty Activity Reports (FAR)

The Faculty Activity Report system allows faculty members to submit their annual activity reports online providing them with an easy-to-use form. It also allows faculty members to review data entered during previous years and administrators to view and query the submitted reports.
Access the system: FAR

Student Instructor Evaluation Report System (SIERS)

Access the system: SIERS

SCIS graduating students exit survey system (Exit Survey)

Access the system: Exit Survey