Kurt Baumgartner

Senior Security Researcher at Kaspersky’s Global Research

Lecture Information:
  • November 20, 2020
  • 2:00 PM
  • Zoom: Contact SCIS coordinator (Amin Kharraz) for zoom credentials if you did not receive the email.
Kurt Baumgartner

Speaker Bio

Kurt joined Kaspersky in 2010. He researches and reports on targeted attack activity, complex intrusions, and advanced malware. He focuses on privacy and cryptography technologies. Kurt contributes to working groups and shares his findings with other members of various online communities. He regularly gives presentations on malware issues at international conferences and offers his thoughts to a variety of journalists and media about current cybersecurity matters.
Prior to joining Kaspersky, Kurt was VP of Behavioral Threat Research at Symantec for PC Tools’ ThreatFire. Originally joining ThreatFire when it was a startup in 2005, Kurt was as their sole researcher and led their research efforts through two successful acquisitions. Before Symantec, Kurt was Chief Threat Officer at Novatix and a Threat Analyst at SonicWALL.


Our cyber threat intelligence provides technical insights into targeted attack activity around the world. Providing an understanding of relevant malware sets from the most interesting APT becomes a challenge when almost a half million digital objects require identification and sorting on a daily basis. We’ll take a look at the data used to detail and describe this activity, and how a similarity engine supplements efforts, bringing fundamental reversing and analysis efforts from months down to seconds.
A quick look into ongoing research regarding a weakly attributed but misunderstood and capable APT will be examined along with recent ransomware related malware analysis, providing a better understanding of the limits and benefits of this technology when well-implemented.